One afternoon, I was checking the pictures uploaded by my online buddy XVDph about the homecoming of seminarians from Christ the King Mission Seminary.

To my great surprise, Sister Tonette Morales of the Blue Sisters joined the picture-taking. Hehehe. I remembered her with so much joy because she once told me that if girls can be SVDs, she should have opted to join the SVD.

She was assigned to Christ the King during my Regency and she did very well. Ang linis ng dorms ng mga seminarians! And she is also jologs kaya nakakasakay siya sa mga college seminarians and the college seminarians loved her very much.

During the recent gathering of the SVDs and the XVDs in Christ the King, she had her once in a lifetime moment to be with the sons of St. Arnold. Go, Sister Tonette!

Nauna talaga si Sister sa venue ng pictorials


Hehehe. Ayan medyo dumami na!


Some are not yet ready for the picture-taking. Di maawat sa pagsasalita. Hehehe. Sister Tonette really enjoys the company of the SVDs and the XVDs.


May mga gusto pang humabol sa picture-taking!


Now, they are all ready for the pictorials. Sister Tonette Morales really claims that she is not only SSpS but also SSVD. Hehe.





5 thoughts on “SVD, XVD AND THE SSVD

  1. feil!!!
    more power, thanks for the effort of putting this up…

    God Bless!! to your Ordination..

    it will be FOREVER….

    kip in touch…

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