Frt. Pelermo Suganob Jr., SVD
Moved by the Spirit
We share the Word
Amid fears and confusions
Trust and hope we hold.

Offering our life
To serve different people
Following Jesus
Our mission is for all

Let’s gather in prayer with one faith in Christ
And may His heart live in the hearts of all…

So we remember, rejoice and renew our life
Living His mission is for all mankind
As He dwelt among us all
We gift our life to people
Witness to the Word.

Inspired by the Trinity
We commune with the world
United by Spirit
Let’s praise and thank the Lord.

Various races, cultures;
The poor and rich people
The same in the eyes of God
He’s our loving Savior

(Refrain & Chorus)

In the beginning was the Word
And the Word was with God
And the Word was God
This what we all believe…

(Chorus 2x)


We are witnesses…
We are witnesses…
We are witnesses
To the WORD!





6 thoughts on “WITNESS TO THE WORD

  1. The song “Witness to the Word” is the grand national winner in the Song Composition organized by the Philippine SVD Centennial Committee, participated by the Philippine SVD Northern Province, Philippine SVD Southern Province and Philippine SVD Central Province.

  2. first of all I would like to congratulate The SVD family for the anniversary. may your vocations increase.

    second, congrats tothe winner. bakit di mo sinabi na may pakontes kayo na composition, di sana napraktis ko tralala ko. kidding aside I wrote already 9 original songs. medyo tinatamad na ako magcompose kasi sira na gitara koeh.

    third, fiel what happened to the seminarian na nawawala? did you find him. I want to blog it sana sa blog ko noon kaya lang nakalimutan ko na. ngayon ko lang na-alala.

    have a wonderful week kapatid. sensya na at ngayon lang ako nakadalaw. di na ako magkanda ugaga sa dami ng mga papansin sa blog ko. Lumipat ka na kasi kapatid sa wordpress para mas maganda. para pati magkapitbahay tayo

    Pax et Bonum

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