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Posted by Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD in SVD Jokes.
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Having great respect for the Blessed Sacrament, Brother John Carlucci (+1999) it always took him at least a minute of genuflection. So, he thought dogs had no place in Church and he would chase them out. One day, when he was chasing a dog, he had to pass the middle of the Church and pass before the tabernacle. The dog escaped a kick since the Brother had to make his usually reverend genuflection. Remembering Philippine SVD Missionaries who Have Gone Ahead, 143)


I welcome contributions! Anecdotes must be funny, true stories of SVD missionaries working in the Philippines or Pinoy SVD missionaries working in any part of the globe. Contributions may be forwarded to fielsvd@yahoo.com






1. Raolito - October 4, 2008

I hope I could read all of your jokes. My State field reports are killing me and I wish I am already retired. Pray for my heart condition that it will be in good condition always. My boss sometimes was so mean to all Filipinos.
Yours in Christ Jesus,

2. thepoetisin - October 6, 2008

this is really good…thank you for sharing and making my day.

p.s. as an after thought Bro.Felmar, I really hope Bro. John did not have the heartt to kick dogs, they are as much God’s creatures and no telling if they drop in to pray too.

3. maria - October 6, 2008

i will enjoy your anecdotes and stories brother fiel just as i enjoyed reading Fr Jerry Orbos’ Moments and Fr Bel San Luis’ article in the dailies..

this is a good one po. thank you for sharing.

4. Anonymous - October 6, 2008

Ha, ha, ha. Thanks.

5. jerome - October 6, 2008

Good thing it wasn’t a cat. He might not have been able to fight the temptation.hehehe

6. Bill - October 6, 2008

Abraham Lincoln was criticized for telling a joke at a precarious moment in the U.S. Civil War, and he replied to the effect that the times were so serious that they needed more jokes, and funnier ones.

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