Second Generation of Fiel Clan in the Philippines

La Casa de Familia Fiel.

Children of Fortunato Augustin Lucero Fiel – Teodora Badiang Bangoy (first wife); Magdalena Gelbolingo (second wife); Angustias Cabiling (third wife); Ester Teves (fourth wife); Abelarda Soledad Yap (fifth wife); Zita Rocha (sixth wife); Jacoba Suarez (seventh wife); Valentina Crisologa Briones (eighth wife); Olympia Rodriguez Neri (ninth wife); Ursula Aleson Arnaiz (tenth wife); Margarita Lorenza Marquez Saavedra (11th wife); Pantaleona Lucia dela Cerna Aparis (12th wife).


Note. During Fortunato Agustin’s time, there was no Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) requirement yet in the Philippines. It is a certification issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority stating that a person has not contracted any marriage. This explains why he ended up with so many wives.


Having said that, I am already part of the 9th generation of the Fiel clan in the Philippines. I have been into family documentation since 2000 and I have learned that knowing one’s roots is very rewarding. It makes me connected to the past, giving me a sense of history while providing me a sense of direction for the future.



2. Crispulo Gelbolingo Fiel

3. Cayetano Gelbolingo Fiel

4. Fausto Gelbolingo Fiel

5. Juan Gelbolingo Fiel

6. Patricia Gelbolingo Fiel

7. Placido Gelbolingo Fiel

8. Concha Gelbolingo Fiel

9. Lucia Gelbolingo Fiel

10. Mariana Gelbolingo Fiel

11. Trinidad Gelbolingo Fiel

12. Dioscoro Cabiling Fiel

13. Aquilino “Liloy” Teves Fiel (+1941, Maasin, Southern Leyte)

14. Pascual Teves Fiel

15. Eustaquio Teves Fiel

16. Agueda Teves Fiel

17. Balbino Clemente Yap Fiel

18. Fructouso Augustine Yap Fiel

19. Marcelino Esteban Yap Fiel

20. Claudio Gerardo Yap Fiel

21. Paz Abelarda Yap Fiel

22. Pelagio Mamerto Yap Fiel

23. Anacorita Crispula Yap Fiel

24. Agaton Crisologo Yap Fiel

25. Jose Manuel Rocha Fiel

26. Jose Ernesto Rocha Fiel

27. Jose Matias Rocha Fiel

28. Maria de la Paz Rocha Fiel

29. Maria de las Victorias Rocha Fiel

30. Adolfo Suarez Fiel

31. Nemesio Suarez Fiel

32. Quirino Suarez Fiel

33. Angeles Suarez Fiel

34. Generosa Briones Fiel

35. Romana Briones Fiel

36. Ynes Briones Fiel

37. Valentina Briones Fiel

38. Augustine Briones Fiel

39. Tamara Neri Fiel

40. Natalia Neri Fiel

41. Nicomedes Augustine Neri Fiel

42. Verrisima Arnaiz Fiel

43. Zenaida Arnaiz Fiel

44. Tecla Arnaiz Fiel

45. Guillermo Augustine Arnaiz Fiel

46. Felizardo Arnaiz Fiel

47. Nicolas Augustine Saavedra Fiel

48. Clara Isabella Saavedra Fiel

49. Rodrigo Aparis Fiel

50. Danilo Aparis Fiel

51. Cornelio Aparis Fiel

52. Bernardo Aparis Fiel

53. Romualdo Aparis Fiel

54. Gertrudes Aparis Fiel – twin of Generosa

55. Generosa Aparis Fiel – twin of Gertrudes


Fortunato Agustin is the lovechild of Felizardo Fiel and Generosa Lucero. Generosa is from barrio Canipaan, Argao. This is presently shared by Barangay Bagacay of Sibonga and Barangay Guiwanon of Argao. Little is known of Generosa’s parents. They were Fortunato Estanislao Lucero y Veloso, the son of Elias Geronimo Lucero and Generosa Margarita Veloso of Parian, Cebu City and Justa Cristina Diez y Mirafuentes, the daughter of Prudencio Wenceslao Diez and Teotima Antonia Mirafuentes of visita de Sibonga of the town of Carcar.


First wife Teodora is from Baclayon, Bohol; Fifth wife Abelarda Soledad Yap is from Parian, Cebu; Sixth and seventh wife Zita Rocha and Jacoba Suarez are cousins from Sitio Ubos, Tagbilaran, Bohol; Eighth wife Valentina is from Malabuyoc, Cebu; Ninth wife Olympia is from Cagayan de Oro. Tenth wife Ursula is from Tanjay, Negros; Eleventh wife Margarita Lorenza is from Zamboanga; Twelth wife Lucia is from Ormoc, Leyte (La Casa de Familia Fiel; Pier Giorgio Dela Cruz Salamat).


Today, there stands an ancestral house of the Rocha-Suarez clan in Sitio Ubos, Tagbilaran City, Bohol. This place, however, is not yet explored by any of our Fiel Clan historians. (Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD)




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