Birthday ko today. I am now 28 years old. This is the first year that I am celebrating my birthday as a priest. Parang kailan lang I could still remember the young boy playing with all the kids in our neighborhood. Wonderful! Ang layo na pala ng aking narating, and yet I am very much aware that a new missionary journey will unfold in the next few months for me.

Nais kong magpasalamat sa mga taong naniniwala sa akin, sa mga taong tumutulong sa akin, sa mga taong nagmamahal sa akin. Salamat din sa lahat ng mga taong bumati sa akin at sa mga taong nag-alay ng kanilang mga dasal for me. God bless you po.

Thank you to all my teachers, my formators, my mentors and sa lahat ng mga nakasama ko sa aking seminary formation. Special mention goes to Fr. Teody Taneo, the vocation director who found my way in the SVD. Kung hindi dahil sa kanya, wala ako ngayon dito.

Thank you also to my family sa magandang pagpapalaki sa akin. Kahit di ako lumaki (hehe), I have grown up naman. Haha. I also include them in my prayers.

I thank God for calling me. I know very well that I am still very young and marami pa akong kakaining bigas and so I rely so much on God’s grace daily. My friends, please double your prayers for me. On May 20, I will start my new missionary journey at Ulotanga Island, Ipil, Zamboanga.

Friends, do not worry. I will be okay. God is already there in my mission area, way, way before my arrival. I wish to celebrate my birthday in Zamboanga next year. Aabot tayo diyan. Basta God ordains, God sustains.

God bless you and happy birthday to me.

In the Divine Word,

Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD





8 thoughts on “MY BIRTHDAY MESSAGE

  1. Kahit di ka lumaki padre…Malaki ka para sa amin…For we feel God’s presence in YOU.
    Enjoy the gift of life!

  2. maligayang kaarawan.

    *pari magpakaylanman. ;0

    see you one sometime when you celebrate the 7:30PM mass sa village padre.


  3. Hello po. belated happy birthday! Magkasing age po pala tayo, hehehe.. ang bata pa natin! toinks!!

    Rest assured of our prayers padre, goodluck po sa new assignment nyo.


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