10 Things You Must Know About Christ the King Mission Seminary (CKMS)

Christ the King Mission Seminary

Christ the King Mission Seminary



  1. Christ the King Mission Seminary (CKMS) is a Roman Catholic seminary in Quezon City run by the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD), a German congregation founded by St. Arnold Janssen in Steyl, Holland. Today, the SVD is the biggest religious male congregation in the Philippines.


  1. It was established on 1933, just 8 years after Pope Pius XI added to the liturgical calendar the Feast of Christ of King in 1925. This is the first seminary ever to be dedicated to Christ the King.


  1. CKMS, being an academic institution that prepares seminarians to become priests and missionaries, offers an undergraduate course of AB Philosophy and a Postgraduate program on MA Philosophy. I graduated here last 2002.
SVD Missionaries

SVD Missionaries

  1. CKMS is located at 101 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd – this long stretch of E. Rodriguez is filled with Kings – from Burger King, Chow King, Goto King, Tapa King – and if you just continue walking – you will end up with Christ the King!


  1. Inside the compound, you will find the Villa Cristo Rey (VCR). Ever wonder what happens to our old missionaries when they retire and become sick? They stay at the Villa Cristo Rey. Here at the VCR, they are taken good care by our health personnel. Interestingly, at the back of the VCR is our cemetery. Thus, it is safe to say that VCR is our pre-departure area. Lol.


  1. Just at the other side of our Sementeryo ng Mga Relihiyoso, you will see the Grotto of the Lady of Annunciation. This area used to be a garbage dumpsite several decades ago but when the Lady was brought here, the people started visiting the area. See it for yourself.
Garden of the Divine Word (Photo Credit: Crearis.com.h

Garden of the Divine Word (Photo Credit: Crearis.com.h

  1. Despite being near the highway, you can actually enjoy the tranquility of Christ the King Mission Seminary. Within the compound, there are so many solemn and feel-good things to see. Religious articles, souvenirs, liturgical materials can also be found at the seminary store. Make sure to also see the brightly-colored koi fishes, century-old trees, well-designed landscape and the mini-amphitheater at the Garden of the Divine Word.


The Buttenbruch Building

The Buttenbruch Building


  1. The castle-designed building is called the Buttenbruch Building. It is named after Fr. Theodore Buttenbruch, SVD. The congregation remembered him as a “martyr for charity” for helping the Filipinos. In 1944, he was taken by the Japanese and was brought to Fort Santiago. He was never seen again. By the way, he also founded the Divine Word College of Bangued, Abra.
Divine Word Shrine

Divine Word Shrine

  1. The seminary chapel, now called the Divine Word Shrine, is especially memorable for Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian, SVD – the Bishop of Bangued, Abra. In 2007, he was ordained a Bishop at the Divine Word Shrine – the same chapel where he used to serve as Sacristan Mayor before he entered the seminary.


  1. For the schedule of Holy Masses, check out the info below:


MONDAY 5:30am Mass (Crypt) 6:45pm (Holy Spirit Devotion)
6:20am Mass 6:00pm Mass
TUESDAY 5:30am Mass (Crypt) 6:00pm Mass (Padre Pio Devotion)
6:20am Mass
WEDNESDAY 5:30am Mass (Crypt) 5:30pm (Perpetual Help Novena)
6:20am Mass 6:00pm Mass
THURSDAY 5:30am Mass (Crypt) 6:00pm Mass
6:20am Mass St. Jude Devotion (After 6:00pm Mass)
FRIDAY 5:30am Mass (Crypt) 5:30pm (Divine Mercy Devotion)
6:20am Mass 6:00pm Healing Mass and Devotion to Jesus the Divine Word
SATURDAY 5:30am Mass (Crypt) 6:00pm Anticipated Sunday Mass
6:20am Mass
Healing Mass: Every 1st Saturday of the Month (9:00am at the Grotto)
SUNDAY 6:00 am 4:00 pm
7:00 am 5:00 pm
8:00 am 6:00 pm
9:00 am 7:30 pm
10:00 am
11:30 am
·        Sundays at every start of the Mass
·        Upon request thru text messaging: 09175620337 and 09213108400
·        Special Occasions (Separate schedule will be posted)




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