The Shrine of the Divine Mercy

The Shrine of the Divine Mercy

Last February 22, the Legion of Mary of Parokya San Miguel – Mabuhay together with Fr. Manuel Mijares, SVD and I went for a pilgrimage in the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in El Salvador. No, this is not in Latin America. El Salvador is a small town in Cagayan de Oro which is the home of the 50-foot statue of the Divine Mercy.

We left Olutanga Island at 7 in the morning and arrived 8 in the evening in El Salvador. It was pretty a long trip. When we arrived at the Holy Queen Pilgrim House, we were surprised that a group of other pilgrims from Gensan took our accommodation. Funny. We texted our contact that we would be late because our van was having some engine trouble. Just before we arrived, this group from Gensan who did not have advance booking told the receptionist that their van had an engine trouble. To cut the story short, the good receptionist welcomed them, gave them our accommodation, with the thought that the Gensan group was our group.

The Sala of the Holy Queen Pilgrim House

The Sala of the Holy Queen Pilgrim House

So when we arrived, we found ourselves without a place to lay our tired bodies. There were some available beds for our group of 30 but  it was not enough. Some of us sacrificed to stay at the sala of the pilgrim house. I stayed outside, at the pathwalk (which is a good thing because I found out the following day that those who stayed outside are free, lol).

The pilgrimage kicked off the following day. Everybody was excited. In fact, Fr. Manuel and I mistaken signed a log-book due to our excitement. We thought we wrote in a guestbook. When I scanned the photos I took during the pilgrimage, I realized that we signed a log-book for those who will be wearing skirts. Hahahahahaha!

Number 1 and Number 2. Lol.

Number 1 and Number 2. Lol.


We were so blest to have attended the Holy Mass at 8 am. I was one of the concelebrants. I also spent some time to hear the confessions of many pilgrims. It also brought me back to my childhood days where I used to recite the English version of the 3 pm Divine Mercy prayer at ABS-CBN (tagalong na kasi ngayon eh). I just realized that it was one of the longest prayers I memorized by heart as a child. My journey to El Salvador was indeed a spiritual boost.

The Legion of Mary Group of Parokya San Miguel - Mabuhay

The Legion of Mary Group of Parokya San Miguel – Mabuhay


The Missionary Meets the Divine Mercy

The Missionary Meets the Divine Mercy


Stairway of Mercy

Stairway of Mercy


Guidelines in Going Up to the Heart of the Divine Mercy

Guidelines in Going Up to the Heart of the Divine Mercy


Schedule of Masses

Schedule of Masses


The Healing Waters of Mercy

The Healing Waters of Mercy



The Ipil Mission Team at the Diocese of Ipil in Zamboanga Sibugay was recently elevated to the status of a district. Fr. Exequiel Mahinay, SVD was appointed as the first District Superior while Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD was elected as his assistant. Rounding up the new district team are the following: Fr. Sherwin Aromin, SVD as the District Treasurer while Fr. Danilo Noval, SVD is the District Admonitor.



The election was held last October 12 at Dr. Momo’s Residence, one of the parishioners of Parokya San Miguel in Mabuhay. Present during the election was Fr. Jingjong Rocha, SVD , the Provincial Superior of the SVD Philippines South and Fr. Isagani Ehido, Provincial Treasurer. It was the Provincial who announced that Fr. Mahinay is the appointed leader of the newborn district.

Fr. Jingjong Reading the Appointment Letter of the new District Superior

Fr. Jingjong Reading the Appointment Letter of the new District Superior

The following day, the elevation of the team into a District was celebrated through a Holy Mass together with the Parishioners of Parokya San Miguel –Mabuhay. The District Officials were also presented to the faithful. More power to the new SVD District of Ipil!


Thank You Fiel-Kun!!!

Fiel-Kun gave me this “Fidelis Blog Award. Thank you Fiel-kun! Tamang-tama ang pagbibigay mo ng award sa akin kasi si Jag tinag ako sa isang maikling laro.

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. Nothing made up. If the person before you had the same initial, you MUST have different answers, strictly NO carbon copy in that case. You cannot use any words twice. You cannot use your name for the boy and girl’s name questions.

Here is my answer to Jag’s Tag:
Questions and Answers
1.) What is your name: Felmar
2.) A four letter word: Font
3.) A boy’s name: Francis
4.) A girl’s name: Farrah
5.) An occupation: Film Director
6.) A color: Flame Red
7.) Something you wear: Fubu
8.) A food: Fish Fillet
9.) Something found in the bathroom: Face Towel
10.) A country: Finland
11.) A reason for being late: Friends
12.) Something you shout: Felmar! Felmar!
13.) A movie title: Father’s Day
14.) Something you drink: Fruitas Shake
15.) A musical group: Fear Factory
16.) An animal: Fox
17.) A street name: Ford Street
18.) A type of car: Ferrari
19.) An internet site/blogsite: Fielsvd.wordpress.com
20.) A song: Faithfully
21.) A President’s name: Franklin Roosevelt (USA, 1933-1945)
22.) A cartoon character: Felix the Cat
23.) Name of School: Fr. Saturnino Urios University
24.) A sport: Football
25.) A Latin word: Fidelis, meaning faithful, loyal


Ako, si Sister Mel at si Father Joseph

“I give thanks to my God each time I remember you, and when I pray for you, I pray with joy.” (Philippians 1: 3-4)

I am very thankful to all of you. You made my day very memorable. Pag nagbibirthday ako, sinusulat ko sa aking Red Diary ang lahat  ng mga messages na natatanggap ko sa text, friendster, facebook, blog, ym, multiply, at iba pang accounts na meron ako.


But the greetings this year were just so overwhelming! Binilang ko, I received more than 500 messages from facebook alone. I decided not to write them anymore.   But rest assured, I treasure them all in my heart.

Again, thank you very much. God bless+

lechong manok para kay jk na pang-number 13 sa try-out


"My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my Savior!" (Luke 1:46)

Thank you sa lahat ng mga taong nagdarasal para sa akin…

Thank you sa mga taong nakilakbay sa akin…

Thank you sa mga magulang ko, my brothers and sis, and my relatives…

Thank you sa mga ka-bloggers ko…

Thank you sa aking mga kapatid  sa SVD at pati na rin XVD…

Thank you sa aking mga ka-fb, ka-fs, at ka-multiply…

Thank you sa aking mga parokyano noon at ngayon…

Thank you rin sa mga taong ayaw sa akin…

And above all, Thank YOU LORD.

29 na po ako.

Ang buong buhay po ay alay ko, pabalik po sa inyo.

To God be the Glory!

May the darkness of sin and the night of unbelief vanish before the Light of the Word and the Spirit of Grace, and may the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of all. Amen.

Mañanita This Morning

Looking Good After the Morning Mass



Ito ang iba pang mga tanong noong seminarista pa ako: Brought to you by curious minds…

Seminaryo ka?

– hahahaha. Ang seminaryo ang building. Ang seminarista ang tao. Hehe, hindi po ako building.

Nagtetext din po kayo?

– noong college kami, bawal mag-cp. pero sa higher formation allowed na.

Umaakyat din po ba kayo sa pader  (read: umeeskapo po ba kayo sa seminaryo ng walang paalam)?

– haha, hindi. Malakas ang loob ko, sa gate ako dumadaan. May classmate akong nag-over da bakod, natusok, ayun, pinalabas ng tuluyan.

Nangudigo po ba kayo sa exams?

– once lang, sa aming Latin exam. Pero di ko na inulit. Ang hirap ng Latin kasi! Puro memorizations. Mautak ang old professor namin. Nagda-dark shades siya during exams para di namin mapansin kung saan siya nakatingin. Ung isa namang student, gumaya ng kodigo, kaso ung kodigo niya ninakaw pa ng isang classmate nya. Wahahaha.

Hindi nyo ba namimiss ang parents/family ninyo?

– Siyempre namimiss din. Pero pag nagbabakasyon ako, dapat two weeks lang. Uneasy na ako pag lumampas pa diyan. Iba talaga ang hatak sa loob ng seminaryo.

Kung masaya nga sa loob ng seminaryo, may mga lonely moments ba?

– Yes. Pag may nagdedecide na lumabas. Kakalungkot.

Bakit naka-civilian attire na ang mga pari ngayon? Dati ang mga pari laging naka-sotana…

– Pangkantong sagot: Noon yun. Ikaw, gusto mo bang magswimming na naka-sotana, magbasketball na naka-sotana, manood ng Avatar na naka-sotana?

Bakit ang galing-galing kumanta ng mga seminarista at pari?

– hindi po totoo yan pag i-aapply na sa lahat. May naalala akong pari dito. Noong pinalabas ang Miss Saigon sa London, tuwang-tuwa ang mga British sa mga Pinoy. During one party, pinilit nila ang isang Pinoy na pari na kumanta kasi sabi ng mga British “All Filipinos can sing.” Ayon, pinagbigyan sila ng paring Pinoy, and he sang his heart out. After the song, sabi ng emcee, “Now I know, not all Filipinos can sing.” Hahaha.

(kung kayo ay may mga kwelang tanong na gusto nyong itanong sa akin, isend nyo lang sa aking fb. walang limit. pag mapipili ko ang mga questions ninyo, ipopost ko ang mga yun)


Christmas 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Nakaugalian ko na na magpost ng Christmas message tuwing Pasko. Habang naghahanap ako ng magandang salawikain patungkol sa Pasko, nakita ko ang isang sinabi ni William Vaughan a.k.a Burton Hillis,

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. “

Ouch! I read it with pain. Kailan ba ako last nakapagpasko sa amin? I remember my mother in Davao. Sabi kasi niya, ang makakakumpleto daw ng Pasko niya ay ang presence ko at ng kapatid ko na nasa Caloocan.

Ouch again.

This is not only true in my case bilang isang paring misyonero. It is also true to many Filipinos around the world who left our dear homeland in search of greener pastures. Our dear OFWs bravely left their families and loved ones here in the Philippines.  Armed with hope, pinipilit nilang maging masaya kahit malayo sa pamilya, ang kanilang tanging yaman. This Christmas I pray(+)  in a special way for all Filipino missionaries and siyempre, my blogger friends abroad – Superlolong Pinoy, TopexpressBoni Station, Flamindevil, Pinkdiaries, Dencios (na nagsara ng blog), Jaggedjagger, Kuya Blu, Mommy Pokz, Darbs, Daddy Nonsense, King, Lee, Glaiza (honorary blogger) at marami pang iba…

Malayo man sa family, masaya ang Pasko ko. Since December 12, araw araw may Christmas party dito. Sa bawat baryo na pinupuntahan ko, yun din ang date ng kanilang Christmas party kaya todo busog ako all the time. Once, nai-post ko nga sa aking facebook shoutout: “Crabs, octopus, squid, cake, apples, shells, tuna, shrimps — punta nga kayo dito para maubos lahat ng mga pagkain dito sa parokya ko.”

True talaga. Inuulan ng blessings ang Pasko namin dito sa parokya. Tatlo kaming pari and we are very thankful to God because despite the poverty of our people, di nila nakakalimutan ang magbigay. Some of our fisherfolks actually stopped fishing na because of extortion from pirates.

Christmas 2007

But more than all these, masaya ako dahil muli, wini-welcome ko si Bro sa puso ko.

I remember the first Christmas:  the simplicity of the manger.

I give thanks to the God who chose to be born among us. Emmanuel.

Thanks Bro!

Sana ang dasal naming mga SVD ay maging dasal nyo rin: “May the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of all.”

Merry Christmas sa inyong lahat. GROUP HUG!!!

Christmas 2008