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Five of us will solemnly embrace the gift of priestly ordination this coming December 6, 2008 at 9 in the morning in Divine Word Seminary of Tagaytay. Our ordaining prelate is Bishop Arturo Bastes, SVD.

We call our class, Pantas. This is a Tagalog word for “wise man.

If you have time, please do come. Please also include us always in your prayers…


Rev. Gil Rochar Pancho Dulay, SVD is from Irosin, Sorsogon. He will be assigned to the SVD Philippine Northern Province.


Rev. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD. I am from Kiblawan, Davao del Sur. I will be assigned to the SVD Philippine Southern Province.


Rev. Jhonatan Alcantara Letada, SVD is from Claveria, Masbate. He will be assigned to the SVD Philippine Central Province.


Rev. Aris Pilapil Martin, SVD is from Solsona, Ilocos Norte. He will be assigned to the SVD Philippine Central Province.


Rev. Jakel Tocmo Solde, SVD is from Clarin, Misamis Oriental. He will be assigned to SVD Argentina East Province.







Dearest Fr. Judy,

I felt like a proud mother reading her son’s letter far away from home when I was reading your blog at Multiply. You have grown. You have spread your wings and you are soaring like an eagle on your new assignment. I cannot help but feel very proud of you.

It was like watching a movie or a documentary reading your wonderful account of your new life in the barrios. I am pleased that you met people who, I believe, will support you and teach you more lessons in your life as a young priest. It is also very heartwarming to note that you have tremendously matured in your priesthood while there. I guess, had you stayed longer here in the Philippines, it would not be the same. Sometimes God puts us in unfamiliar territories with much of the unexpected before us. Sometimes we wonder what is there for us? But in His awesome wisdom, He has planned it all out for the best. And I can see in your struggles coupled with your perseverance and enthusiasm how much the whole experience is molding you into a stronger, more sensitive, compassionate and definitely, a more effective missionary.

Do continue what you are doing. I am really very pleased to hear that you are enjoying the Liturgy of the Hours… Just think that we are doing it together and I am sure it will uplift your heart that I am here doing the same as you are as we say our prayers together. Do continue touching base with the people in your community. When you were telling me about how you cried about how indifferent the people were in your mass, be assured that God has been consoled by your Eucharistic sacrifice. I too cry everyday in my heart when I see people (although there is definitely much more of them, in terms of number as compared to your barrio people there) receiving Our Lord in communion not really knowing it is the Lord coming to them and so they do it out of obligation and sometimes without reverence!

But we have to persevere… We have to go on doing everything for His Greater Glory!… Do continue learning and perfecting the language. It will be your connection with the people… Do continue learning from your American parish priest. I am sure, time and age has given him much wisdom which you can learn from… Do continue experimenting in the kitchen. Winning hearts is really through the stomach most of the time (Hehehe!)… Do continue expressing your feelings through your letters and photos. Even if we do not reply, know that it makes us aware of what is happening to you and it definitely brings you much closer to our hearts….

So much for my homily… Rest assured you are always in my daily prayers…

Mami Lei

Fr. Judy Baňez, SVD is a Filipino SVD assigned in Argentina. He was ordained on February 2007. He is part of the Yobel Class. He is from Butuan City.





What would you feel if you are in front of a beautiful woman with blond hair and blue eyes? And more….. if she would ask you to come closer to kiss and hug her? Me? Well, I would be fascinated… and I was fascinated.

It was 3pm when somebody asked me to meet that woman. She was an Italian descendant. She had blond hair, blue eyes, and extremely beautiful. Not only external but she had a wonderful heart. I could sense and feel it during our first encounter.

She talked softly, gently, and with wisdom. I was fascinated and i admired her instantly. While listening to her my heart was beating so fast. I did not know why. What i knew was I was meeting a wonderful person at that moment and I thanked the Lord for that great opportunity.

While she was talking I was giving her the best attention I could for she was sharing things that last forever. I was looking at her eyes with much affection… trying to read what words can not express. While she was speaking I could sense the pain from her face. Inspite of this, she was calm and there was no mark of bitterness on her angelic eyes. Moreso, she could manage to look at me with a wonderful smile…. and i was so impressed by that.

Before I left, she asked me to come closer to her ….. to hug her tenderly and kiss her with respect. ….that beautiful lady with blond hair and blue eyes was the woman i was administering the last sacrament and she was 83 years old….

Fr. Dexter Carr, SVD is a Filipino missionary to Argentina. He is part of the Vox Dei Class. He was ordained last March 2005 at the Holy Spirit Chapel of the Divine Word Seminary of Tagaytay.





Our mission assignments were officially announced last Thursday, August 7, 2008 during our concelebrated mass in Tagaytay in the presence of the whole community of the fathers and the scholastics. Honestly, we were not surprised because some SVD confreres have already congratulated us and informed us about our mission assignments, thank you to the modern gadgets of communications. Our confreres and our co-missionaries were happy for us. We were happy too. PHS, here I come!

Rev. Aris Martin, SVD – Philippine Central Province
Rev. Jaekel Solde, SVD – Argentina East
Rev. Gil Rochar Dulay, SVD – Philippine Northern Province
Rev. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD – Philippine Southern Province
Rev. Jhonatan Letada, SVD – Philippine Central Province




Our diaconate ordination was held in St. Arnold Janssen Shrine Parish in Cainta, Rizal last June 28, 2008. Prior to this event, we had our overnight recollection at the Villa Cristo Rey of Christ the King Mission Seminary. The Villa Cristo Rey is the home of our old priests. We thought it fitting that we begin our diaconate reflections with our veteran SVD missionaries who already labored much for the Word of God. Especially moving for us was our visitation to the bed-ridden confreres, especially Bishop Cinches, SVD who was moved to tears when we sang to him his composed “Sunday Vespers.” I will be posting some photos of our VCR recollection soon…

The Arnold Janssen Shrine


Calling of the Candidates for Diaconate


…and there was only silence…


Litany of the Saints


Prayer for the Ordinands


The handing of the dalmatic and the deacon’s stole


The Presentation of New Deacons with Bishop Gabriel Reyes, DDD.


Deacons, Bishop Reyes and Concelebrating Priests


Here We Are!


Our Parish Assignments:
Rev. Aris Martin, SVD – Sacred Heart Parish of Kamuning, QC
Rev. Jaekel Solde, SVD – Balayan Parish, Batangas
Rev. Gil Rochar Dulay, SVD – Nazareno Parish of Dasmariñas, Cavite
Rev. Felmar Fiel, SVD – St. Arnold Janssen Shrine, Cainta, Rizal
Rev. Jhonatan Letada, SVD – Dampalit Parish, Malabon


Yes, I am back in the blogosphere! I had a very nice vacation in some islands here in our country. I spent most of my time with my family and also visited some of our relatives. But this time, I would like to share our Pantas Class adventure, together with Fr. Raul and Fr. Ronnie as we journeyed through the waters and hiked for hours just to see the crater of the world famous Taal Volcano.

No, this is not yet the Taal Volcano! This is what our tour guide said to us.
The crater can be found on the other part of the mountain.
This is the other side of the mountain.
Yes, there are people living peacefully at the foot of the volcano.
Most of them are fisher folks.
Ahh, the sight is breath-taking!
To reach the crater, we had to endure the mini-sandstorm created by our own sandals.
Frt. Gil, Frt. Jojo and Fr. Raul rested for a while.
Lo and behold, the Taal Volcano crater!
In this very crater, a small island is growing.
It was a great experience to see the Taal crater.
Just like every nature-friendly mountaineer,
we took nothing but pictures;
we left nothing but footprints;
we killed nothing but time.