WitnesSing to the WORD

To the students, faculty and (ADEA) non-teaching personnel of the University of San Carlos – CEBU CITY:
You are all invited to participate in the 3rd WitnesSING to the Word Songwriting contest. Please take time to read the guidelines.

Photo Credit: Hardie Bigcas

1st Prize is P20,000
2nd: 15,000
3rd: 10,000
Consolation: P2,000.
For more information: visit or call the USC Campus Ministry Office in your respective campus.
Deadline for submission of entries on July 28, 2017, 5:30pm.
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SVD Local Superiors and House/District Treasurers (2017-2020)

Fr. Eduardo Rocha, SVD: Provincial Superior of the SVD Philippine Southern Provinces


Below you will find the Local Superiors and House/District Treasurers in our different communities and districts:


St. Rafael SVD Community (USC Downtown Campus):


House Treasurer: FR. SEMEI REBAYLA, SVD



St. Michael SVD Residence (USC Talamban Campus):





St. Joseph Freinademetz Formation House:



House Treasurer: BR. EDGARDO FAZ, SVD


St. Gabriel SVD Community (HNU):


House Treasurer: FR. CYRUS MERCADO, SVD



St. Arnold Janssen Home (HNUMCI Community):



House Treasurer: FR. LUKAS AJA WONA, SVD



St. Paul SVD Community (LVD):


House Treasurer: FR. ARIEL TAMPUS, SVD


Divine Word Formation Center – Davao

Rector & House Treasurer: FR. ERNESTO SALVAR, SVD


Agusan-Surigao District:

District Superior: FR. CHARLES GINGCO, SVD

District Treasurer: FR. YEREMIAS SASI, SVD


Ipil District:

District Superior: FR. DANILO NOVAL, SVD

District Treasurer: FR. LOIE DA-ILISAN, SVD


There are Local Superiors and House/District Superiors who were reappointed and therefore they continued to function in their respective offices. The rest who are newly appointed assume in office on June 1, 2017 (except for Frs. Calonia and Lukas who assumed in office last May 16, 2017). Let us pray for all our Local Superiors and House/District Treasurers together with the members of their respective Local Councils who will be elected that they will exercise their responsibilities in the service of our Lord and of our Society, in particular of our Province.


May Sts. Arnold and Joseph accompany all of us in our missionary journey!


Sincerely yours in the Divine Word,



SVD Provincial Superior – PHS

FAQ: How do you know which religious community is right for you?

Children in Olutanga Island


In discerning your own unique response to God’s call of service, you may seek out the religious order or diocese that is the best fit for you, matching your own special gifts and talents with a congregation’s mission. Wherever there is a need in the missionary endeavors of the Church, there is a need for a Divine Word Missionary.

USC Tops Chemical Engineering Exam 2017

Photo Credit: Wayne Tandingan

Congratulations to WAYNE LORENZ BAGANO TANDINGAN (85.20%) of the University of San Carlos for being #1 of the May 2017 Chemical Engineering Board Exam. Blessings upon blessings! Just yesterday, USC dominated the top 10 of the CPA May 2017 Board Exam. The other week, 4 USC alumni also topped the Bar Exam. Thank you, Lord! May the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of all!!!


Renewal of Vows

Photo Credit: Brother Emmanuel Ines, SVD

Seven SVD Brothers recently had their renewal of vows at the St. Arnold Janssen Shrine-Parish of Cainta, Rizal. By renewing their religious profession, they once again made a public vow to observe the three evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience. They are:


Brother Mark Paglicawan, SVD

Brother Ruel Bancoro, SVD

Brother Roselo Alagase , SVD

Brother Ramcel Supat, SVD

Brother Retchie Havana, SVD

Brother Samuel De Guzman, SVD

Brother Emmanuel Ines, SVD

Photo Credit: Brother Emmanuel Ines, SVD


Divine Word Missionary brothers are men committed to living Consecrated Life in response to a call from God. They focus on their God-given talents and share their gifts with others while engaged in a variety of ministries. From teaching in schools and building churches to graphic design, music and ministries in medicine and in technical trades, Divine Word Missionary brothers serve the Church and those in need.

Photo Credit: Brother Emmanuel Ines, SVD

The Provincial of the SVD Philippine Central Province, Fr. Raymund Festin, SVD accepted their renewal of vows in behalf of the Superior General.

Photo Credit: Brother Emmanuel Ines, SVD

List of University of San Carlos-Cebu CPA Top Notchers (1952-2017)

2017 Feral Batch: 100% Passing Rate for First Takers; Top Performing School; 6 top notchers


#1 Vianca Pearl Inot Amores (92.67)
#1 Marianito Jesus Berdin del Rio (92.67)
#2 Jessa Comar Bermudo (92.50)
#4 Alyanna Kate Varga Buenavista (91.83)
#4 Maaku Wamar Saito (91.83)
#10 Cristiemay Verano Vertudazo (90.00)


2016 Ferocious Batch: 100% Passing Rate for First Takers; 6 top notchers

#4 Trisha Claire Yu Cabanlit (91.33)

#5 Ervin Michael Bendulo Cavalida (91.17)

#6 Clare Monica Gako Pilapil (90.83)

#9 Joshua Abundo Echivarre (90.17)

#9 Marc Raphael Nazareno Ong (90.17)

#10 Sarah Mansueto Balisacan (90.00)


May 2015 – Feisty Batch – Top Performing School

#2 Shaun Anthony Tiu Go (91.29)

#3 Jaecelle Margrett Go Dy (90.56)

#4 Jamaica Juanir Marjadas (90.00)

#10 Odessa Marie Onding Allera (88.43)

#10 Rieland Joromo Cuevas (88.43)


July 2014  – Fierce Batch

#3 Ray Hamodi Balagbis Ngalot (92.43)

#6 Jamaica Perez Englis (91.43)

#8 Thomas Zachary Pineda Sarigumba (91.14)


May 2013 – Fiery Batch

#2 Narvios, Mikyll Hum D. (95.43%)

#4 Ang, Wendell K. (93.71)

#10 Fernando, Arianne C. (92.29)


May 2012 – Formidable Batch; Top Performing School

#4 Chua, Gianna T. (92.57)

#7 Uy, Kenneth Jefferson U. (92.00)

#10 Go, Shearilynn L. (91.57)


May 2011 – Fearless Batch

#4 Chua, Hegiño Jr. J. (91.57)

#4 Lequin, Viktor Xenon O. (91.57)

#6 Pino, Gilson Y. (90.71)


May 2010

#10 Tejana, Ritchie Z. (91.14)


October 2009 Fernandez, Maricor 9th Place
May 2007 Ong, Arthur Vinson 4th Place
October 2006 Chua, Sheryl Siy 9th Place
May 2006 Torreon, Adriano Jr. A 9th Place
May 2004 Hamac, Self H. 4th Place
  Facultad, Ritchell B. 5th Place
  Wang, Jean Haydee D. 6th Place
  Fostanes, Eleute L. 7th Place
May 2003 Isla, Ronan Joseph C. 6th Place
October 2002 Maglasang, Alfi P. 2nd Place
May 1998 Jervoso, Ryan Neil G. 7th Place
October 1997 Lim, Kelly Y. 3rd Place
May 1997 Lamanilao, Maria Liza G. 3rd Place
October 1995 Lau, Sai Bo C. 1st Place
  Lua, Trixie Lenny D. 3rd Place
October 1994 Acusar, Dara Calvo 6th Place
October 1993 Chua, Christine Y. 9th Place
May 1993 Mondano, Donald O. 3rd Place
  Fulache, Luna Mae A. 6th Place
May 1992 Lim, Joy T. 6th Place
  Villamor, Wilfredo J. 7th Place
May 1991 Lau, Ling Na 8th Place
  Vasquez, Randy N. 9th Place
October 1990 Dyguani, Sidney U. 9th Place
May 1988 Lim, Ailene Y. 1st Place
  Rivera, Francisco 3rd Place
  Rizada, Eleanore 5th Place
May 1987 Tan, Rosa L. 10th Place
October 1985 Gerra, Gemma T. 7th Place
May 1983 Tiu, Vicente 1st Place
May 1982 Lumakang, Carolyne V. 3rd Place
1981 November Gagarra, Paulette Micheku 6th Place
1980 June Bonganciso, Maurilla Jean 9th Place
1979 May Rafanan, Mary Ann L. 4th Place
  Gavino, Dalisay S. 6th Place
  Digamon, Ma. Dolores C. 7th Place
1978 April Payot, Federico Jr. S. 6th Place
1977 April Lim, Arthur T. 7th Place
1969 December Yap, Gaudencio V. 6th Place
1966 December Rodriguez, Erlinda M. 7th Place
1962 November Go, Carlos 2nd Place
1961 October Cue, Margarita H. 8th Place
1960 March Aseniero, Purita 10th Place
1959 October Bagaman, Louis G. 8th Place
1959 March Huan, Leoncio 4th Place
1958 October Alcantara, Benedicto B. 8th Place
1955 October Tan, Febes 9th Place
1952 October Relampagos, Jesus A. 3rd Place
  Amores, Rufo T. 9th Place