FAQ: What is the difference between a religious priest and a diocesan priest?

Fr. Manuel Mijares, SVD


A religious priest belongs to a particular religious order. Each religious order is founded to fulfill a particular need in the Catholic Church through various ministries. “Order priests” can be assigned to any location and any ministry where their religious congregation is present.

A diocesan priest is one who is responsible primarily to the bishop of his particular diocese, a specific geographical region of the Church governed by the bishop. Within this region, the priest usually serves in a parish, though he may also be involved in other ministries like administration, communications, teaching and hospital or prison chaplaincy.

Both religious and diocesan priests perform sacramental ministry.


Fiel Clan and Msgr. Teofilo Camomot

Msgr. Teofilo Camomot

Msgr. Teofilo Camomot


1. Favian Fiel of Dumaguete was married to Ma. Rosa Quintanar of Argao, Cebu.

2. Their Daughter: Maurilla Quintanar Fiel was married to Pedro Veloso Camomot

3. Their Son: Jose Fiel Camomot was married to Andrea Embrado Barazona

4. Their Son: Jorge Barazona Camomot was married to Maria Celestina Campugan Aleson

5. Their Son: Luis Aleson Camomot was married to Angela dela Cerna Bastida

6. Their Son: Teofilo Bastida Camomot became a Bishop, died in a vehicular accident in San Fernando, Cebu on 27 September 1988 at the age of 74. On 15 October 2010, Cardinal Vidal announced that the Holy See has approved the opening of the cause for beatification and canonization of MSGR. Teofilo Bastida Camomot.

Credits: sa among mga kaliwatan nga gisulat gayud ang among kasaysayan sa banay aron dili malimtan sa mga sunod nga henerasyon.

Misericordia et Misera in Smokey Mountain

The Parish of Risen Christ

The Parish of Risen Christ

Many thanks to the faithful of the Risen Christ Parish in Smokey Mountain, Tondo who came para sa aking talk on Misericordia et Misera (Mercy and Misery), the latest apostolic letter of Pope Francis. Salamat din sa aking classmate na si Fr. Jhonatan Letada, the parish priest. The photo above was taken when I arrived before the 6 pm Holy Mass.


Fr. Jhonatan Letada, SVD and some of the parishioners

Together with Fr. Jhonatan Letada, SVD and some of the parishioners

This is the first time for me to give a talk about the latest apostolic letter of Pope Francis within the Archdiocese of Manila. The deal started during the ordination last week when Fr. Jhonatan invited me to come to his parish so that we could celebrate our 8th sacerdotal anniversary together. However, I told him that I could not be available on December 6, our anniversary, because I would have a talk at the San Antonio de Padua Parish in Los Baňos on the same topic.



I then suggested to him that I give a talk about Misericordia et Misera. He immediately set the date: December 13. I said yes immediately with the condition that it must be free. #fortheSVD. And yes, the rest is history.



After the talk, we had dinner together. Then, he gave me a cellophane of chocolate as a token of appreciation. LIKE! I went back to Christ the King Seminary in the evening with a very wide smile. It was a very wonderful day.





Hapag-asa is Indeed about Hope

The Hapag-Asa Tarpaulin

Hapag-asa was launched in my parish back in 2013. It is an integrated nutrition program in partnership with Assisi Development Foundation (ADFI), Feed the Children Philippines (FTCPI), CBCP-NASSA Caritas Filipinas Foundation, Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) and Risen Saviour Missions (RSM). This program feeds 6 months to 12 years old undernourished children, underweight pregnant and lactating women in the community once a day, five days a week for 6 months. Each meal is enriched with nutrients through the provision of Food Supplements complete with vitamins and minerals.

One of our child parishioners


Launching of Hapag-Asa


Apart from the supplemental feeding, education classes and livelihood and skills training for parents, aimed at sustaining the improved nutritional condition of the children are conducted simultaneously. The education classes cover topics on affective parenting, health and nutrition, responsible parenthood and values and livelihood.

Before and After photo during the overview of the program


Naay blooper sa adlaw sa launching! I was supposed to be interviewed on Radio DXOI by Ronald “Jojo” Zarate. The day before, he asked if I could be interviewed about Hapag-Asa. He told me he would call around 7 am. And so I waited in the morning. While listening over the radio, I wass suddenly confused why Jojo informed his listeners that I was already on air, and “now let us talk to the parish priest” when he did not call me yet. Everything became funny because he ended up calling the wrong number. He called up an LGU employee named Freddie Saňana instead and on air, Freddie was asking why he suddenly called up. Lol. Ang dami kong tawa.

Participants of the program


Feeding time


Happy people

The Hapag-Asa was launched in the presence of visitors, barangay captains, barangay health workers and beneficiaries, which included 120 children together with their parents. I was very happy. I applied for this program with little faith because all I thought was that Hapag-Asa can only happen in Manila. But my little faith moved mountains. The program arrived in the parish and it unfolded before my eyes. Christian, Subanen indigenous people and Muslim children were all gathered in this part of the world to combat malnutrition. Thank you Lord for this blessing! Indeed, hope is alive!

Happy parishioners

The Glorious Praise

Fr. Raul Caga, SVD

Fr. Raul Caga, SVD

Kababayans who are in Macau or in Hong Kong, you’re cordially invited to a fund-raising concert by SVD Singing Priest, Fr. Raul Caga, SVD on November 6, 2016 at the Our of Fatima Parish in Macau. The parish is SVD administered, the only one here in Macau. It will be an evening of “Glorious Praise” to the Lord in this part of China, a population of around 600,000 of which 7.2% are Christians. The proceeds will go to the education and formation of future missionaries of the Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City, Philippines. (Credit: Fr. Randolf Cariño Flores, SVD)


The Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) acknowledged Fr. Raul’s mission of evangelization through music. His 2006 album “Called by Love” was a finalist in Best Religious Album category, while his 2012 album “My Sweet Surrender” won the “Best Inspirational Album.



His latest album “Gracious Mercy” is still out in the market. This album includes the beautiful song ‘Mercy and compassion’ sang by him and Cardinal Chito Tagle.



Picture of Perseverance in Missionary Life

The Jubilarians in the Philippine Central Province of the SVD

The Jubilarians in the Philippine Central Province of the SVD

Here are our missionaries from the SVD Philippine Central Province who are celebrating their Jubilee. Some 25 years of ordination and vows, some 40, some 50 years. 

Photo Credit: Fr. Bongayan, SVD

Photo Credit: Fr. Bongayan, SVD

Fr. Peter Michael, SVD – the most senior among the Divine Word Missionaries in the Philippines today, celebrates his 80th year in vows. Last October 1, he celebrated his 104th birthday.


Photo Credit: Fr. Bongayan, SVD

Photo Credit: Fr. Bongayan, SVD

The Society of the Divine Word (Latin: Societas Verbi Divini, abbreviated SVD), popularly called Divine Word Missionaries, and sometimes the Steyler Missionaries, is a missionary religious congregation in The Roman Catholic Church Roman.


In the Philippines, the Divine Word Missionaries arrived in Bangued, Abra, in 1909, founding schools in Bangued, Vigan, in Ilocos Sur and Laoag City in Ilocos Norte, as well as in other parts of the Philippines. Now there are about 500 Filipino SVD priests and brothers and around 150 of them are serving in overseas missions on all continents. In the Philippines, the SVD have three ecclesiastical provinces, namely: the Philippine North (PHN) that comprises missionary works of Pangasinan to Aparri; the Philippine Central (PHC) that covers the National Capital Region, and all the provinces comprising central Luzon, southern Tagalog and the whole Bicol region; and the Philippine South (PHS) whose ministries cover the Visayas and Mindanao Islands.


The congregation opened Christ the King Mission Seminary in 1934 in Quezon City for their Filipino applicants and from then on their numbers continued to increase eventually making the SVD the largest religious institute of men in the country.


Rev. Fr. Arlo Bernardo S. Yap, SVD
Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD
Fr. Glenn Paul M. Gomez, SVD
Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD



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