Prayer for the Triune God’s Blessing

The grandeur of creation reveals the glory of God

Prayer for the Triune God’s Blessing**
L. God, heavenly Father, bless us with the love with which you adopted us as your children.
A. God, eternal Son, bless us through the ineffable kindness of your Sacred Heart, the kindness that made you sacrifice your life that we might live.
L. God, Holy Spirit, bless us through the love that you give to your creatures as the highest of gifts, making us children of God.
A. May the blessing of the holy Trinity fill our hearts and enable us to carry out every good work.
L. May the divine, life-giving love give consolation to those who mourn, comfort to the sick, and the support of grace to all who are in need.
A. May the divine blessing come upon us and all who are dear to us.
L. May the almighty and merciful God bless us, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
A. Amen

Quarter Hour Prayer

Quarter Hour Prayer**

L. God, eternal truth,

A. We believe in you.


L. God, our strength and salvation,

A. We hope in you.


L. God, infinite goodness,

A. We love you with all our heart.


L. You have sent the Word as Savior of the world,

A. Make us all one in him.


L. Fill us with the Spirit of your Son,

A. That we may glorify your name. Amen.


Prayer Before Taking the Licensure Exam

Prayer Before Taking the Licensure Exam

Prayer Before Taking the Licensure Exam


Almighty and Ever-living God, fountain of all knowledge,

You created me to know you, to love you and to serve you.

I heartily thank you for bringing me to this grace-filled moment

Where all I have studied and prepared for shall be put to the test.

As I take the licensure exam, Lord, sent forth your Spirit.

Clear my thoughts from all distractions,

Give me clear memory,

Relax my mind and body.

I offer this licensure exam to your greater glory.

For I know very well that whatever comes out of this,

It is all your grace.

May the darkness of sin and the night of unbelief

Vanish before the light of the Word

And the Spirit of grace, and may the Heart of Jesus

Live in the hearts of all.



Prayer for the Araw ng Mabuhay

(Note: While I was checking out my old documents, I saw a prayer I made few years ago when I was still the parish priest of Parokya San Miguel in Mabuhay, Zamboanga Sibugay (Diocese of Ipil). This is a peaceful place of tri-people: Christians, Muslims and the Subanen indigenous people. I prepared this prayer for the invocation during the annual Araw ng Mabuhay which is every January 25th of the year. I am posting it here because in less than two weeks from now, the beloved town I served will once again have their Araw ng Mabuhay)




Dalaygon namo nga Dios, Amahan sa tanang katawhan

Tinubdan sa mga gasa sa kinaiyahan

Nga maoy nagmatuto kanamo para kami mabuhi,

Daghang salamat Amahan sa gasa sa kadagatan, sa gasa sa hangin,

Sa gasa sa kayutaan, sa gasa sa katawhan,

Sa gasa sa pakig-ambit, sa gasa sa kalinaw, sa gasa sa panaghiusa,

Sa gasa sa kalambuan.

Tabangi kami Ginoo nga sa among pang-adlaw-adlaw nga pagkinabuhi

Mamahimo kaming takos sa pag-amping niining mga gasa

Kay kami mga piniyalan lamang.

Pinaagi niining tigom namo karon sa Araw ng Mabuhay

Hinaot nga kini mamahimong okasyon alang kanamo

Nga maedukar sa pag-amoma sa atong kinaiyahan

Ug mahagit sa pagwagtang sa mga

butang nga makadaot sa atong mga lungsuranon

labaw na sa atong mga kabatan-onan,

mga butang susama sa druga, illegal nga pagpanagat, kriminalidad,

pagpamutol sa mga kahoy

ug uban pang pagpasipala sa yuta, sa hangin ug sa atong katubigan.

Hinaot unta Amahan nga kining among tigom karon

Mamahimong hiniusang lihok – lihok Mabuhaynon, lihok lungsuranon,

alang sa edukasyon, kaayuhan ug malahutayong kalambuan sa

tanang lumulupyong Muslim,

mga Kristiyanos ug

mga Subanen.



An Advent Prayer

An Advent Prayer

An Advent Prayer

God of hope, who brought love into this world,
be the love that dwells between us.

God of hope, who brought peace into this world,

be the peace that dwells between us.

God of hope, who brought joy into this world,

be the joy that dwells between us.

God of hope, the rock we stand upon,

be the center, the focus of our lives always, a

nd particularly this Advent time.



Prayer for Peace in Iraq and Syria

Background: National Shrine of St. Joseph - Mandaue, Cebu

Background: National Shrine of St. Joseph – Mandaue, Cebu

September 14 is the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross.

Also the National Day of Prayer for Peace in Iraq and Syria.



Jesus, you taught nothing but love and compassion
Yet, you suffered as a refugee fleeing for your life.
You suffered the brutality of the cross.



We pray for your people in Iraq and Syria,
especially our brothers and sisters in faith,
Who this day flee for their lives,
and who face death, losing their children, mothers, fathers.
Give them courage and bring them hope and protection.
Help them to flee swiftly and bring them to places of safety.



We pray against those who perpetrate this cruelty,
May they be stopped. May they be convicted of this evil.
May they be removed from all power.
May their hearts be turned to fervent sorrow.



Jesus, Prince of Peace, have mercy upon them.
Jesus, Prince of Peace, give us a voice for peace.

Rest in Peace, Fr. Vicente De la Cruz, SVD!

Fr. Vicente Dela Cruz, SVD

This week, I received three different texts about the death of our dear SVD missionaries. On Easter Sunday, Fr. Hermogenes Bacareza, SVD died. Then, Fr. Erasio Flores, SVD. And just today, Fr. Vicente De la Cruz, SVD.

Lord Jesus Christ,

Savior of the world,

we pray for your servant

Fr. Vicente De la Cruz, SVD

your missionary priest.

We recommend him to your mercy and love.

For his sake, you came down from heaven;

Receive him now into the joy of your kingdom.

For though he has sinned, he has not denied the

Father, Son and the Holy Spirit

but has believed in God and has worshiped and served God

as an SVD missionary priest,

a living witness of the Incarnate Word to the whole world.

Eternal rest grant unto Fr. Vicente De la Cruz, SVD

and may all the faithful departed through the mercy of God

rest in peace.