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Third Sunday of Lent (A) March 18, 2017

Posted by Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD in Communications Ministry, Diocese of San Pablo, Jesus, Laguna.
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God desires that everybody will be saved and come to the knowledge of truth (1 Timothy 2:4).

Third Sunday of Lent (A)

Exodus 17:3-7

Psalm: If today, you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.

Romans 5:1-2, 5-8

John 4:5-42


Welcome to the third Sunday of Lent!


As we progress through our Lenten preparations, this Sunday is a reminder of God’s loving generosity, BIG TIME. Of all the things God can give, he gave His only Son, the living water that gives eternal life.


Our gospel for this Sunday is entitled Jesus and the Samaritan Woman – a story of: tragic sinner meets tender savior. While Jesus passed through a town of Samaria, he met the Samaritan woman at the well. When he talked to the woman, marami pong hindi nasunod si Hesus na mga protocol dito.


Una, mahigpit na magkalaban ang mga Jews at mga taga-Samaria; Second, kahit na ito ay isang “short-cut” na rota papuntang Judea to Galilee, ito ay iniiwasan ng mga Jews because this place is not considered to be part of the “holy land; Third, normally Jewish men would not talk to a woman in public.


Jesus broke the social customs of his time and after asking for water, he offered the woman the water of eternal life. At sabi ng babae, sir, give me this water, so that I may not thirsty or have to keep coming here to draw water.” (John 4:15)


What are the reminders for us today?


  1. Salvation is all grace!


Kadalasan sa mga Jews kapag sila ay pupunta sa Galilee from Judea, they are willing to travel for 6 days instead of  3 days para lamang maiwasang daanan ang Samaria. Jews hated the Samarians because Samarians descended from Jews who had intermarried with Gentiles or pagans! But Jesus did not operate like that: he didn’t care about heritage, he didn’t care about the other people’s ill perception, he just wanted to save this poor woman.


God operates through grace. Samakatuwid hindi lamang ang mga mabubuti o matutuwid ang pwedeng bigyan ng kaligtasan. Kung tatanggapin mo ang Diyos sa iyong buhay, sasaiyo ang kaligtasang kanyang alay.


Sometimes we are too concerned with how we dress up, or how we look like, or how we have followed our religious duties, when after all, God only wants our willing hearts. Mahal ka niya, maging sino ka man.




  1. True satisfaction comes in godly life.


Noong sinabi ni Hesus sa kanya na “Whoever drinks the water I shall give shall never be thirsty again” – wow, this must be very appealing to the woman! All her life, naghahanap ang girlalu na ito ng makakasatisy sa kanya. She tried physical relationships-wa epek! Naka-anim na asawa na nga siya, wa- epek pa rin. Hindi pa rin naibigay ang kanyang hinahanap-hanap.


Her encounter with Christ changed her whole life. She became a witness, and kahit na hindi pwedeng tumestigo ang mga babae during her time, many people came to believe. And Jesus stayed in Samaria for 2 days.


Interestingly, when the apostles started preaching after the stoning of the first Christian martyr St. Stephen, it was Philip who went to Samaria and proclaimed Christ (Acts 8:5). The people there listened to the message, accompanied with supernatural signs. Many were converted.


Lent is the time for us to see our mistakes that keep us from coming to the living waters of a right relationship with God.


Brothers and sisters, hindi ikaw lamang ang mahal ng Diyos! If we think we deserve more than others because of our righteousness, then we don’t see as God does. God desires that everybody will be saved and come to the knowledge of truth (1 Timothy 2:4).


This is Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD. Witness to the Word.

Second Sunday of Lent (A) March 11, 2017

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This is a Promise!

Second Sunday of Lent (A)

Genesis 12:1-4a

Psalm: Lord, let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you.

2 Timothy 1:8b-10

Matthew 17:1-9


Welcome to the second Sunday of Lent!


Recently I watched the movie Logan. The movie was in 2029 when the mutant population was already disbanded, and Wolverine was left to take good care of Charles Xavier or Professor X. Wolverine lived a hidden life, siya ay naging simpleng taxi driver na lamang. But everything changed when a young girl named Laura, a mutant, came into his life. This girl had his DNA, and she also possessed powers like Wolverine. He needs to help the girl cross the border. I will not mention spoilers, but in this movie, you will a transformed Wolverine, a wolverine with a heart. The greatest movie about Wolverine is not about the mutant, but about the man Logan.


Today’s readings center on transformations. In the first reading, Abram was called by God to leave his homeland. Nabago ang kanyang buhay ng sinunod niya ang Diyos. Abram became Abraham, the Father of Faith.


In the second reading, sabi ni St. Paul, “We are called to a holy life, not according to our works, but according to the grace bestowed in Christ.” (2 Timothy 1:9)


At ang ebanghelyo ay tungkol sa Transfiguration of Jesus. Jesus took Peter James and John into a high mountain and he was transfigured before them.


What are the reminders for us today?


  1. We have our vocation.


Andito tayo sa mundo hindi lamang para magkaroon ng career. Tayo ay may bokasyon. Tinawag tayo ng Dios upang maging bahagi sa Gawain ng paglikha. You are here for a reason, that reason is not only that you become a professional but that you contribute to the holiness of the world.


Masasabi mo bang ikaw ay may positibong naiambag sa kabutihan ng lipunan?


Father, sasabihin ninyo, mabait naman ako. Wala akong ginagawang masama. Ngunit hindi lamang mabait na walang ginawang masama, kundi ang kailangan natin ngayon ay yaong mabait na may ginagawang mabuti.


Sabi sa movie na Logan, “A soldier who will not fight is useless.” Ang sundalong hindi nakikipaglaban ay walang silbi. In the same way, “A Christian who doesn’t serve is useless.” Ang Kristyanong walang ginagawang masama at wala ring ginagawang  mabuti ay walang silbi.


I have a beautiful classmate at devcom. She is organizing an outreach program for the indigenous people of Pampanga. She is doing it this season of Lent.

What good will you do this season of Lent?

What sacrifices will you make for the benefit of others?


We have a vocation.


  1. We go down.


During the Transfiguration, sabi ni Peter, Lord, we shall build three tents: one for you, one for Moses, one for Elijah. Sabi ba ni Jesus – go!


No, they went down the mountain. Because the living out of service is not in the mountain. Kailangang bumaba because the action is there in the lowland. They need to go back to reality. That is where the action is.


When we become knowledgeable, when we become leaders, when we achieve high status in the society – we go down. We serve.


As Christians, we cannot transform the world by mere prayers in our convents, in our chapels, in our churches. We go out, we move out, of our homes, of our comfort zones – to get in touch with the realities of the people in our families and communities.


We go down.


Brothers and sisters, in the second Sunday of lent, we are reminded that everybody has a vocation. What happened to Jesus in the mountain will also happen to us. But before that, like Jesus, we have to embrace first our realities, the realities of life, of suffering, of sacrifices, of joys, of pains. Then, if we share in the cross of Christ, we shall also share in his glory. That’s a promise!


This is Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD. Witness to the Word.





First Sunday of Lent (A) March 4, 2017

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Beware: Satan is the Father of Lies

Beware: Satan is the Father of Lies

First Sunday of Lent (A)

Genesis 2:7-9; 3:1-7

Psalm: Be merciful, o Lord, for we have sinned.

Romans 5:12-19

Matthew 4:1-11


Welcome to the first Sunday of Lent!


Tayo po ngayon ay nasa panahon na ng kwaresma. Opening salvo po natin ang Ash Wednesday (March 1) bilang pagpapahayag ng ating pagsisisi sa ating mga kasalanan at paghahanda sa ating mga sarili sa mga gagawin nating mga sakrispisyo. Ang kwaresma po ay 40 days before Easter. Sa taong ito, ang Easter Sunday ay April 16. Kung inyo pong bibilangin from March 1 to April 15, the day before Easter Sunday – mayroong 46 days! Mali yata ang sinasabi mong 40 days Father! Sumobra yata ng anim na araw Father! Hindi po yan sumobra bes, sapagkat hindi kabilang sa counting ang Sunday. This is because from the earliest days of the Church, Sunday is always a feast day, a day of celebration, kaya hindi siya kabilang sa counting. That makes it 40!


Today’s gospel reading points us to the three temptation of Christ in the desert. Pagnilayan po natin ang three temptations:


  • “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” (Matthew 4:3)


What is wrong with being hungry? It is but human to feel hunger? At first glance, the command of the devil seemed very, very trivial. Parang maliit na bagay lang, gutom eh. But we must remember that the perfection of Jesus comes in following the will of the Father. Ang patibong talaga dito ay sundin mo ang gusto ng demonyo. Mag-ingat sa mga trivial matters, mag-iingat sa maliliit na kasalanan. Dyan nag-uumpisa ang big-time na kasamaan.


  • “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down.” (Matthew 4:6)


What is wrong with throwing himself down? The devil quoted the psalm of trust that told of God’s protection of his people. However, Jesus also knew that His trust was perfect, and that He didn’t need to do anything heroic to prove it. The moment an individual puts God to the test, that person gives evidence that he or she doesn’t actually trust God in the first place.


I remember one instance, nakapasok ako sa isang warehouse ng isang parokyano. At doon sa pinakabulwagan ng kanilang warehouse ay nakita ko ang imahe ng Santo Niňo. Ok n asana ako doon ngunit nagulat ako sapagkat katabi ng Baby Jesus ang palakang naka-nganga at pusa pang gumagalaw-galaw. Sabi ng parokyano: “Father, kung di ibibigay ng Dios ang aking hinihinling, ako ay mayroong reserba.”


Do you think if you have your full trust in the Lord, you still need lucky charms? God is enough!




  • “All these I shall give to you, if you shall prostrate yourself and worship me.” (Matthew 4:9)


This is like saying: “Sambahin mo ako kahit one second lang – at ibibigay ko say o ang lahat-lahat in an instant.” Of course, alam natin, ito ay kasinungalingan lamang.


These temptations are very much relatable. Often, Satan whispers to us that we can be immoral, we can behave badly, and gawin lahat ng gusto natin sapagkat wala naman makakaalam di ba – ikaw lang at si Satanas. Hmmm. Mag-ingat, sapagkat si Satanas ang hari ng kasinungalingan. Kung sasabihin niya sa iyong….


atin-atin lang ito ha,

this is just between us,

secret lang natin ito ha,

you and me (!!!)


wag kang umasa. Ta-traydorin ka lang niya – ginawa niya yan kay Eba. Gagawin din niya sa yo yan.


The three temptations of Christ are meant to remind us that Jesus wholeheartedly followed His Father’s will. If we want to also wholeheartedly follow His Father’s will, the devil will also do, everything in his power, to prevent us.


In reality, many times we give in. But the Lenten message is that have the grace to say no as reflected by the Lenten connection to our baptism. Dati mayroong tayong order of penitents. Sila ang mga nangumpisal sa kanilang kasalanan and they were assigned to do penance to be done for a long period of time. Then by Easter Vigil, the order of penitents are reconciled to the Christian community. It was for them second baptism.


Brothers and sisters, may we see this Lenten season as our journey towards our own renewal of baptismal vows, which we shall observe on Easter Vigil. May our Lenten observance make us even closer to Jesus, not only in thoughts, but also in actions.



This is Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD – Witness to the Word!


Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) February 25, 2017

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Worrying can deplete our body of vitamins and minerals essential to daily functioning. It can affect our mood, behavior, productivity and over-all health.

Worrying can deplete our body of vitamins and minerals essential to daily functioning. It can affect our mood, behavior, productivity and over-all health.

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

Isaiah 49:14-15

Psalm: Rest in God alone, my soul.

1 Corinthians 4:1-15

Matthew 6:24-34



Welcome to the eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time!



Today I remember the song, Hindi Kita Malilimutan, credited to Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ. When he was in high school, ang klase nila ay sumali sa isang liturgical song composition. It only took 30 minutes para matapos niya ang melody nito. His class sang it for their mothers. It was so beautiful that at the end of the year, the song spread out in the parishes of Archdiocese of Manila. Hanggang sa kinanta na rin ito sa weddings and funerals.



Ang kantang iyan po ay hango sa first reading today, at napakaganda ng mensahe: Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!



Pinapalala na kahit na ang ang taong nagmamahal ay maaring makalimot, ang Diyos ay di ka kakalimutan.



He has written you in the palm of his hands. God will never forget you.



Our readings for the 8th Sunday in ordinary time remind us to avoid anxieties by putting our complete trust in God’s providence.



  1. Avoid unnecessary worries.



Ano ang nakaka-stress sa inyo?



Ang CNN Philippines ay nagkaroon ng survey tungkol sa ano ang nakakapagpa-stress sa mga Filipino. Ang mga respondents ay nagsabing ang first 4 ay: (1) job or studies (22.85%); (2) traffic (14.84 %); (3) finances (14.54%); (4) personal relationships (12.46%). (Source: http://cnnphilippines.com/lifestyle/2015/09/23/Filipinos-top-causes-of-stress-job-traffic-money.html)


Photo Credit: CNN Philippines

Photo Credit: CNN Philippines


Ang gospel natin for this Sunday ay nagtatanong: Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your life-span? (Matthew 6:27) Kung maging balisa kayo sa mga bagay-bagay, sa tingin ba ninyo, kayang makapagdagdag yan ng kahit isang segundo ng inyong buhay?



Not all worries are bad. Some can even even motivate us. Or prepare us. But the danger is, when we become professional worriers.



Lagi ka na lang bang balisa, dahil wala kang pera?

Lagi ka na lang bang balisa, dahil may pera ka ngunit kulang pa?

Lagi ka na lang bang balisana ikaw ay may sakit?

Lagi ka na lang bang balisa, dahil malusog ka’t takot magkasakit?



When we become professional worriers, it can take its toll on our health. Worrying is not good for your health. Ang pagiging balisa ay parang isang linta, hinihigop nito ang ating lakas na dapat sana para sa ngayon at maging sa bukas. It can deplete our body of vitamins and minerals essential to daily functioning. It can affect our mood, behavior, productivity and over-all health.



Kaya bes, wag masyadong galingan ang pag-wo-worry. That is dangerous to your health!



What to do?



  1. Remember we have a God we can count on.



Put your complete trust in God.

God takes care of the birds.

God takes care of the wildflowers.

God will take good care of you. You are precious, you are are blest, you are loved.



The Lord remembers you. Seek him first and everything will fall into place.



Alamin mo ang gusto ng Dios para sa buhay mo.



Put your security in God, not in your money, not in your beauty, not in your own confidence, not even in your dyowa.



Yong dyowa mo, maaaring come and go pa yan. Ngunit ang Dios, forever yan.



Brothers and sisters, wag nating gawing dios ang stress, anxieties, negative feelings and even past experiences sa ating buhay. They can swallow us and make us cripple.



It’s high time that we live one day at a time. Start your day with a prayer, offer your day to the Lord, always count your blessings, not your problems. At the end of the day, be always grateful.





This is Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD – Witness to the Word!


Busog! February 5, 2017

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Credit: Fr. Arlo Bernardo Yap, SVD

Credit: Fr. Arlo Bernardo Yap, SVD


BUSOG – Nourished by the Word by Fr. Arlo Bernardo Yap, SVD

A Bible methodology in the light of Verbum Domini for the new evangelization. This book presents the working principles and theological framework for the Liturgical Bible Study together with a full manual for conducting the Liturgical Bible Study Seminar.

Now available at P 150.00/copy.

For orders, please contact, Logos Publications, Inc.,

Tels.: (+632) 711-1323 and 732-2736.

Summer Courses on Missiology January 30, 2017

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Summer Courses on Missiology

offered by the

Divine Word Institute of Mission Studies…

Credit: DWIMS

Credit: DWIMS

Mission Orientation Course for Outgoing Missionaries

 (Alis Bayan)

May 7- 20, 2017


Missiology Course on Interculturality and Prophetic Dialogue

(for Superiors, Formators, Mission Directors and Catechetical Coordinators)

May 22-27, 2017


Mission Orientation Course for Returning and Incoming Missionaries

(Balik Bayan/ Dating Bayan)

May 28 – June 11, 2017


New Evangelization in School Setting

June 19-25, 2017


Missiology Course for Indigenous Peoples’ Missionaries and Workers

July 2-9, 2017


Prayer Before Taking the Licensure Exam January 25, 2017

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Prayer Before Taking the Licensure Exam

Prayer Before Taking the Licensure Exam


Almighty and Ever-living God, fountain of all knowledge,

You created me to know you, to love you and to serve you.

I heartily thank you for bringing me to this grace-filled moment

Where all I have studied and prepared for shall be put to the test.

As I take the licensure exam, Lord, sent forth your Spirit.

Clear my thoughts from all distractions,

Give me clear memory,

Relax my mind and body.

I offer this licensure exam to your greater glory.

For I know very well that whatever comes out of this,

It is all your grace.

May the darkness of sin and the night of unbelief

Vanish before the light of the Word

And the Spirit of grace, and may the Heart of Jesus

Live in the hearts of all.



Kalinga sa Pagtulog January 19, 2017

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Kalinga: Caring is our Business

Kalinga: Caring is our Business

In Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center’s desire to offer care to the marginalized especially the homeless, we launch tonight the “Kalinga sa Pagtulog” – a Night Shelter Program. Meet our first of the 15 beneficiaries.
We hope to do this on an experimental basis of 2 nights a week, from 8pm-6am the following day. It begins with a registration followed by hygiene and showers; then prayers and life sharing; lastly, preparing their mats and blankets.
Kalinga: Caring is our Business

Kalinga: Caring is our Business

With a secured place for the night and a prayer, they wake up fresh and ready to face again tomorrow. You are most welcome to come and visit us.
Meet Jesus among the poor. 😀
Credit:Fr. Flavie Villanueva, SVD
Kalinga: Caring is our Business

Kalinga: Caring is our Business

Misericordia et Misera in Smokey Mountain December 15, 2016

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The Parish of Risen Christ

The Parish of Risen Christ

Many thanks to the faithful of the Risen Christ Parish in Smokey Mountain, Tondo who came para sa aking talk on Misericordia et Misera (Mercy and Misery), the latest apostolic letter of Pope Francis. Salamat din sa aking classmate na si Fr. Jhonatan Letada, the parish priest. The photo above was taken when I arrived before the 6 pm Holy Mass.


Fr. Jhonatan Letada, SVD and some of the parishioners

Together with Fr. Jhonatan Letada, SVD and some of the parishioners

This is the first time for me to give a talk about the latest apostolic letter of Pope Francis within the Archdiocese of Manila. The deal started during the ordination last week when Fr. Jhonatan invited me to come to his parish so that we could celebrate our 8th sacerdotal anniversary together. However, I told him that I could not be available on December 6, our anniversary, because I would have a talk at the San Antonio de Padua Parish in Los Baňos on the same topic.



I then suggested to him that I give a talk about Misericordia et Misera. He immediately set the date: December 13. I said yes immediately with the condition that it must be free. #fortheSVD. And yes, the rest is history.



After the talk, we had dinner together. Then, he gave me a cellophane of chocolate as a token of appreciation. LIKE! I went back to Christ the King Seminary in the evening with a very wide smile. It was a very wonderful day.





17 Quotes on Misericordia et Misera (Mercy and Misery) November 30, 2016

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 As the Year of Mercy ended, Pope Francis signed an apostolic letter called Misericordia et Misera telling that mercy is not a passing event in the history of the Church but it is the life of the Church. Here are some of the 17 quotes I like.