Fiel Clan Homecoming 2017

Photo Credit: Clint Cabrillas

The 23rd Fiel Clan Reunion in Davao will be on May 19-20, 2018 and the next national Fiel Clan Homecoming will be in Kidapawan City, Cotabato this August 2019. But before that happens, I would like to thank all the people who made our homecoming in Sibonga, Cebu successful, meaningful and memorable.

A nun from the Daughters of St. Teresa (DST) looks at the family tree of the Fiel Clan. The DST congregation’s founder MSGR. Teofilo Bastida Camomot was the grandson of Jose Fiel Camomot.


Fiel Clan from Cotabato


Amir Nasser Dela Cruz Salamat


To Pier Giorgio Dela Cruz Salamat for all your efforts and sacrifices, God bless you; to Gwen Fiel Garcia and Winston Fiel Garcia, thank you for your generosity; to the many Fiel families who welcomed us before, during and after the celebration, you will be in my heart forever; to all our relatives who made it to the historic event, from Manila to down south Sabah, Malaysia – daghan kaayong salamat!


Fiel Clan from Davao


Fiel Clan from Davao


Fiel Clan from Ozamis


Fiel Clan from Cebu City


Fiel Clan from Sibonga with Francisco Fiel from Malaysia


My cousins!


The Fiel Clan lives on!


Above all, to the Lord God Almighty who made everything beautiful in His time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)


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