First Ever Fiel Clan Homecoming in Cebu

Text and Photo Credit: Amir Nasser dela Cruz Salamat


Most of the Fiel clan in the Philippines originated from the present town of Sibonga of the province of Cebu through our proto matriarch Maria Generosa Lucero y Diez who was sired by Felizardo Fiel. Few info were known of Generosa’s parents. They were Fortunato Estanislao Lucero y Veloso, the son of Elias Geronimo Lucero and Generosa Margarita Veloso of Parian, Cebu City and Justa Cristina Diez y Mirafuentes, the daughter of Prudencio Wenceslao Diez and Teotima Antonia Mirafuentes of visita de Sibonga of the town of Carcar.

Maria Generosa’s son was the great Fortunato Agustin Fiel y Lucero, our common Fiel ancestor in Sibonga. We will update you soon of the final venue in Sibonga.

Pls contact Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD or La Casa Real de Fitzgerald, our event organizer at +639420866111.

Kita ta puhon! Inato ni dili dinato!



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