Genealogy 101: Meeting an Aunt for the First Time!

My Aunt Rosvida Yu Vega of the Fiel Clan

Finally I met my aunt, Rosvida Yu Vega of the Fiel Clan! She came from the line of Teodoro Surposa Fiel of Calubian, Leyte! Teodoro is one of the brothers of my great-grandfather Julian Surposa Fiel of Sibonga, Cebu whose other siblings made a grand exodus to Mindanao prior to World War II. Teodoro chose not to join his siblings and settled in Calubian.



Teodoro had four wives all in all and had 11 documented children. One of her daughters, Felicidad “Idad” Pisawis Fiel, was married to Agaton Burre. They had 18 children which included 3 twins, the most number of twins in the Fiel clan in a single family. Sa pamilyang ito galling ang aking auntie na si Rosvida Yu Vega.



The Story of Teodoro Surposa Fiel:



According to the oral tradition handed down from generation to generation in Mindanao, during the exodus of the Surposa-Fiel siblings, Teodoro opted not to join his brothers and sisters. He chose to go to Leyte. The reason was dramatic. One of his brothers became his competitor in winning the heart of a certain woman. The woman, interestingly, chose his brother over Teodoro. So as to heal his broken heart and to do some soul searching, he went to Leyte and eventually found love.



However, his greatgrandchildren in Calubian, Leyte who were visited by Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD on July 12, 2012 had another story to share. They related that Teodoro was a very naïve person. One of his friends, the Mayor of Calubian, Felix Garganira, persuaded him to go to Calubian instead of Mindanao. “Ayaw kabalaka, kay kung dili ka makauyon sa Leyte, duol ra man ang Mindanao, pwede ra man baklayon.” The mayor offered him work in the vast coconut plantation in Leyte and told him that should he feel he doesn’t like the place, he could always go to Mindanao since Mindanao is only walking distance. The year was 1914 when Teodoro made a strong decision to go with the clever mayor instead of joining his siblings. The years that followed were painful years of missing his brothers and sisters. To cope with loneliness, he busied himself with the work in the farm. He proved to be a very efficient and hardworking person. Felix Garganira was deeply impressed of him.



Not only that, the brother of Felix also scheduled him for a practice of dose-pares martial arts because Teodoro was an expert on the matter, an art which he learned from his mother’s relative Leon Kilat. When Felix got sick, he apportioned 21 hectares of land to be given to Teodoro. Unfortunately, he did not receive it because he was in Cebu. In 1960, someone from Mindanao told his siblings that he was in Calubian. His brother Felipe Surposa Fiel, wrote him a letter and through the emissary, Teodoro received it. He broke into tears while reading the letter from his beloved brother. In the letter, the Fiel siblings expressed their love for their lost brother and they were very happy to know that he is still alive. They asked him to go to Mindanao so they could be together. “Gimingaw kami kanimo pag-ayo ug sa matag adlaw kauban ka sa among mga pag-ampo.” (We missed you so much and we always include you in our prayers).



However, his ailing health already prevented him to go, aside from the fact that he was also afraid to ride a boat, “kay basig maunlod ang barko” (the boat might sink”). He died on 1966.



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