Mother Teresa of Calcutta Quotes

Mother Teresa of Calcutta will be officially declared a saint of the holy Roman Catholic Church this coming September 4, 2016. The ceremony is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to Rome as well as diplomats and dignitaries from around the world.

Mother Teresa, an ethnic Albanian born in 1910 in what is today the Republic of Macedonia, joined an Irish order of nuns at the age of 18 and taught at the order’s schools in India. She left to found the Missionaries of Charity in what is today known as Kolkata, India, with 12 followers in 1950. Today, her order has more than 5,600 members and runs orphanages, hospices, homes for pregnant women and the mentally ill and other services in 139 countries.

Here are some of Mother Teresa’s quotes that I personally like:

Mother Teresa1

Mother Teresa2


Mother Teresa3

Mother Teresa4

Mother Teresa5

Mother Teresa6

Mother Teresa7

Mother Teresa8

Mother Teresa9

Mother Teresa10

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St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!




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