Bangoy Clan: Inquiry and Observation

The sister of Francisco Bangoy happens to be my great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother. Her name is Teodora Badiang Bangoy – Fiel. Just very recently, a relative sent me an email asking me about the Bangoy Clan. However, I have a very limited knowledge regarding my Bangoy ancestry. Most of the details I knew are handed down from my cousin Amir Nasser. I have made a diagram of the Bangoy genealogy but it was so-so not updated. Even when I was still in Davao, I did not even have the clue that these Bangoy people are my relatives. I did not have the chance to meet at least one person with the surname Bangoy while I last stayed there back in 1999.



Page 5 of the book about the early Bangoy families in Davao mentioned Gabriel Bangoy and his wife Alejandra Porta. It said: “(At present, there is a street in Baclayon, Bohol where lived many Bangoy families. The possibility is strong that Gabriel Bangoy who settled in Cateel in the early Spanish times was from Bohol.)”


Yes, si Gabriel Sauza Bangoy is related to the Bangoys of Bohol. His father Francisco Badiang Bangoy is from Baclayon, Bohol. Francisco’s sister Teodora Badiang Bangoy was the first-of-seven wives of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather Augustine Lucero Fiel.




some clarifications and observations:
1. sa libro kay tinagsa ra nga pangalan.
“victoriana bangoy” – canisio victoriana bangoy sa akoang listahan
“alejandro bangoy” – sa akoang listahan luis alejandro
“mardonio bangoy” – sa akoang listahan leon mardonio
“teofilo bangoy” – sa akoang listahan teofilo macario
“sergia bangoy” – sa akoang listahan sergia manuela
“vicente baangoy” – sa akoang listahan pablo vicente
“jose bangoy” – sa akoang listahan jose leonardo

2. tungod sa tinagsa nga pangalan, naay wala namention nga names sa akoang listahan. these names are: felix bangoy ug ramona II

3. sa libro naay names nga ramon bangoy ug rolando bangoy. however, sa akoang listahan naay ramon rolando bangoy. kini si ramon ug si rolando, two different persons ba ni o usa ra ka tawo with the name “ramon rolando”?







6 thoughts on “Bangoy Clan: Inquiry and Observation

  1. father kanang naa sa libro wala ba diha ng imong pangutana nga ramon ug rolando? haydee ni sa australia

  2. kini si ramon ug si rolando, two different persons ba ni o usa ra ka tawo with the name “ramon rolando”?

    -My Lolo’s name is Rolando Bangoy
    -I was named after my Lolo Rolando, I am Ramon Rolando Diaz bangoy II

  3. Daghan ang Bangoy sa Davao City, most are in Toril area and sa may Bajada area. Puros relatives tanan. Relatives sad sa mga Bangoy ang Alzate, Suazo, Pichon and Bustamante ug daghan pa.

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