Fiel Clan’s First 4 Generations

Fiel Clan

Fiel Clan


A. FIRST GENERATION: The First Three Fiel Brothers in the Philippines. The Great Patriarchs of the Fiel Clan

1. Felizardo Fiel
2. Favian Fiel
3. Andres Fiel



The first Fiel to arrive in the Philippines was Felizardo Fiel who stayed in Cebu. His two brothers Favian Fiel and Andres Fiel also followed him but they they preferred to stay in Dumaguete in Negros for business. As expected, many ladies fell to their natural charm because they were handsome mestizos.


From Dumaguete, they transferred to Ormoc. It proved to be a wise move. Favian became the first cabeza de barangay of Ormoc back in 1860s when it was still a barangay. He initiated the construction of a bridge called “Fuente dela Reina” adjacent to where the city hall of Ormoc stands today. This bridge is still existing and efforts were made to preserve it because the name of Favian Fiel was on it. His brother Andres, on the other hand, settled in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte and spent the rest of his life in that place together with his family.




B.1. Children of Felizardo Fiel – Generosa Lucero.
1. Augustine Lucero Fiel

B.2. Children of Favian Fiel – (name of wife unknown)
2. Gabino Fiel

B.3. Children of Andres Fiel – (name of wife and children unknown)



C.1.A. Children of Augustine Lucero Fiel – Teodora Badiang Bangoy (first wife)
1. Lucas Bangoy (Gelbolingo) Fiel


C.1.B. Children of Augustine Lucero Fiel – Magdalena Gelbolingo (second wife)
2. Crispulo Gelbolingo Fiel
3. Cayetano Gelbolingo Fiel
4. Fausto Gelbolingo Fiel
5. Juan Gelbolingo Fiel
6. Patricia Gelbolingo Fiel
7. Placido Gelbolingo Fiel
8. Concha Gelbolingo Fiel
9. Lucia Gelbolingo Fiel
10. Mariana Gelbolingo Fiel
11. Trinidad Gelbolingo Fiel


C.1.C. Children of Augustine Lucero Fiel – Angustias Cabiling (third wife)
12. Dioscoro Cabiling Fiel


C.1.D. Children of Augustine Lucero Fiel – Ester Teves (fourth wife)
13. Aquilino “Liloy” Teves Fiel (+1941, Maasin, Southern Leyte)
14. Pascual Teves Fiel
15. Eustaquio Teves Fiel
16. Agueda Teves Fiel


C.1.E. Children of Augustine Lucero Fiel – Abelarda Yap (fifth wife)
17. Balbino Yap Fiel
18. Fructouso Yap Fiel
19. Gerardo Yap Fiel
20. Marcelino Yap Fiel


C.1.F. Children of Augustine Lucero Fiel – Zita Rocha (sixth wife)
21. Jose Manuel Rocha Fiel
22. Jose Ernesto Rocha Fiel
23. Jose Matias Rocha Fiel
24. Maria de la Paz Rocha Fiel
25. Maria de las Victorias Rocha Fiel


C.1.G. Children of Augustine Lucero Fiel – Jacoba Suarez (seventh wife)
26. Adolfo Suarez Fiel
27. Nemesio Suarez Fiel
28. Quirino Suarez Fiel
29. Angeles Suarez Fiel


C.2. Children of Gabino Fiel – Perpetua Ricarte
30. Alejandro Ricarte Fiel (+1961)
31. Marcela “Ilang” Ricarte Fiel




D.1.A. Children of Don Lucas Bangoy (Gelbolingo) Fiel – Doňa Dasing Arcuino.
1. Don Simplicio Arcuino Fiel (March 2, 1865 – November 1932)

Children of Don Lucas Bangoy (Gelbolingo) Fiel – Doňa Teresa Neri Sitjar.
2. Doňa Teodora Sitjar Fiel (b. 1850, Jimenez, Misamis Occidental – d. 1919, Angono, Rizal)

Children of Don Lucas Bangoy (Gelbolingo) Fiel – Patria Del Rosario Embrado
3. Don Faustino Embrado Fiel


D.2. Children of Crispulo Gelbolingo Fiel – no data


D.3. Children of Cayetano Gelbolingo Fiel – no data


D.4. Children of Fausto Gelbolingo Fiel – no data


D.5. Children of Juan Gelbolingo Fiel – no data


D.6. Children of Patricia Gelbolingo Fiel – Don Hugo Salvador Oppus Embrado of Ubay, Bohol
4. Don Antonio Fiel Embrado
5. Don Andres Fiel Embrado


D.7. Children of Placido Gelbolingo Fiel – – no data


D.8. Children of Concha Gelbolingo Fiel – Pedro Perol


D.9. Children of Lucia Gelbolingo Fiel – no data


D.10. Children of Mariana Gelbolingo Fiel – no data


D.11. Children of Trinidad Gelbolingo Fiel – no data


D.12. Children of Dioscoro Cabiling Fiel – Genovevo Olimba
6. Guadalupe Fiel Olimba


D.13. Children of Aquilino “Liloy” Teves Fiel (+1941; Maasin, Southern Leyte) – Eufrasia “Prasing” Cajes Aparis.
7. Antero Aparis Fiel
8. Aureo Aparis Fiel
9. Anatasio Aparis Fiel
10. Alonza Aparis Fiel
11. Antonia Aparis Fiel


D.14. Children of Pascual Teves Fiel – no data


D.15. Children of Eustaquio Teves Fiel – no data


D.16. Children of Agueda Teves Fiel – Dalmacio Malinao


D.17. Children of Balbino Yap Fiel – no data


D.18. Children of Fructouso Yap Fiel – Miguela Badiang Bangoy
12. Lucresio Bangoy Fiel


D.19. Children of Gerardo Yap Fiel – no data


D.20. Children of Marcelino Yap Fiel – no data


D.21. Children of Jose Manuel Rocha Fiel – no data


D.22. Children of Jose Ernesto Rocha Fiel – no data


D.23. Children of Jose Matias Rocha Fiel – no data


D.24. Children of Maria de la Paz Rocha Fiel – Cresenciano Bangoy Ypong


D.25. Children of Maria de las Victorias Rocha Fiel – Juan Manhilot Balo
13. Nicolasa Fiel Balo


D.26. Children of Adolfo Suarez Fiel – Basilisa Luna Sacay
14. Paterno Sacay Fiel
15. Tiburcio Sacay Fiel


D.27. Children of Nemesio Suarez Fiel – no data


D.28. Children of Quirino Suarez Fiel – no data


D.29. Children of Angeles Suarez Fiel – no data


D.30. Children of Alejandro Ricarte Fiel (+1961) – Esperidona Bandillo
16. Fructosa “Susay” Bandillo Fiel (+1935)
17. Maria “Biyay” Bandillo Fiel (b. 1903)
18. Pedro Bandillo Fiel (b. 1919)
19. Basilio “Ilyong” Bandillo Fiel (b. 1921)
20. Teofilo “Pilo” Bandillo Fiel (1925; Sapangpalay, Bulacan – 2009; Sapangpalay, Bulacan)
21. Fabian Bandillo Fiel (b. 1930; Rizal Street, Ormoc)


D.31. Children of Marcela “Ilang” Ricarte Fiel – Jose “Kayo” Fortunato
22. “Peping” Fiel Fortunato
23. Frisca Fiel Fortunato


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