Palad ta ang Nagbuot (Our Fate Decides)

I recently watched “Panaghoy sa Suba.” Dugay na jud kaayo ni nga salida pero ni-effort jud ko ug tan-aw kay nakit-an man nako sa youtube. I remembered man gud nga I really wanted to watch that film pero sa sobrang ka-busy sauna mao nga nakalimtan. Taz, nakit-an man nako sa youtube mao nga gi-watch nako siya in full.


Then, nakit-an ni nako nga movie trailer entitled Palad ta ang Nagbuot (Our Fate Decides).


Nindot jud ang trailer. Ngano man tawon nga wala man ko  kabalo nga naay gipagawas nga Bisayan movie starring Nonito Donaire? Ang kapait kay walay full movie sa youtube. Ganiha diri sa University of the Philippines sa Laguna naay mga estudyante nga namaligyag ticket kay naay mga Bisayan movies nga ipasalida sila, nangutana dayon ko: “Walay Palad ta ang Nagbuot diha day?”


Tubag ang estudyante: “Bisaya diay ka Sir?”


Ngisi na lang ta. Sir daw ko.


So, here is the snopsis of Palad ta ang Nagbuot:


This is the story of Visayans coming to the Metro Manila area in search of greener pastures. Dodong Valderama (Nonito Donaire), a jack-of-trades orphan, and Santo Nino devotee, sis among them, trying his luck in a different place. He meets Inday (Krissel Valdez) and her Lola Angeling (Gloria Sevilla), also Visayan immigrants, who are fish vendors. Angeling dreams for her daughter to become a popular singer (her personal frustration), and hopefully one day, this will get them out of the slums. Angeling is pursued by town widower Max (Max Surban). Dodong, whose idol is the late Flash Elorde, eventually finds a full time job as janitor in a boxing gym. Inday fails to win the town singing contest, much to the disappointment of Lola Angeling.With the help of friend Lao (Garry Lim), Dodong pursues Inday until they become sweethearts, then husband and wife.


Hinaot nga daghan pang Bisayan movies! Asa kaha ko kalantaw ani sa full movie ay…


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