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Youth Groups Call for Peace in Mindanao and the World in 2016 and Beyond January 5, 2016

Posted by Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD in Communications Ministry, JPIC.
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Peace Advocates form a solidarity circle for their concluding activity ‘candle-lighting for peace

Peace Advocates form a solidarity circle for their concluding activity ‘candle-lighting for peace


CEBU CITY (Press Release) – On November 29, 2015, different youth groups had a small dialogue and candle-lighting in celebration of the Mindanao Week of Peace 2015 and in observance of the International Day in Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The event was initiated and facilitated by Jamil Faisal Saro Adiong, president of the Federation of Muslim Student Associations (FeMSA) through his #PeaceNaTa Campaign, a campaign which aims to reconcile the history-old gap between the Moros and the non-Moros.


The two-hour activity was joined by a few individuals and organizations such as Akbayan! Youth, Cebuano Youth Ambassadors, UP – Union of Progressive Students, Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, Coalition of Democrats, Carolinian Circle of Young Diplomats, First Time Voters’ Network, Islamic Dawah Youth Association of Cebu and the Federation of Muslim Students Associations (FeMSA Cebu) with its member organizations Muslim Lancers Association, SWU – Muslim Students Association and Carolinian Muslim Students Association.


“We call on everyone to take active support and participation in education and peace advocacy. In this way, we will get to understand one’s differences and one’s facts. In this way, we will get to enjoy our shared common grounds and our distinct uniqueness. In this way, we will get to realize our visions of peace and coexistence. In this way, we will get to live with love and not hatred, happiness and not fear”, said Adiong.


Collectively, they:


Call on the public to go out and vote on May 2016 the candidates whom they think are best in addressing the problems of the state which includes the peace and conflict issues in Mindanao; call on the public to be in support for the indigenous peoples which include the Moros and the Lumads and their pursuit to peace and social justice.


Call on the members of the bicameral committee on the Bangsamoro Basic Law to be more focused on their tasks as lawmakers amidst the fast approaching May 2016 elections and most importantly pass a CAB-based basic law that shall really address the problems of the ARMM.


Call on Senator Sonny Angara’s stronger push for the passage of Senate Bill 2474 that shall mandate all curriculum to study Moro History, Cultures and Identity Studies as this would be a great opportunity for the Filipinos to further understand the conflict situation in Mindanao and thus would be able to help promote a culture of peace.


Call on the international community to be in solidarity with the Palestinian people (Note: the dialogue was done during the International Day in Solidarity with the Palestinian People) and on their pursuit to peace and social justice; to unite and open their arms to refugees such that of Syrians and Iraqis, and all other nationalities whose homelands are war-torn; counter terrorism by means of education; and call on the international leaders and the private individuals to be more vigilant and careful in absorbing information from the Internet as this has been proven to be the mechanism of recruitment by voluntary and involuntary of both the extremist terrorist groups and the ethnocentrically fundamentalist reactors. #####



Contact Person:

Jamil Faisal Saro Adiong, +639178237071; jamilfaisaladiong@gmail.com




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