Technology Will Never Replace Love

"Technology Can Never Replace Love"

“Technology Can Never Replace Love”


So, this is my first post regarding my life as a Graduate Student at the College of Development Communications here at the University of the Philippines, Los Baňos, Laguna.



In one of my subjects, I was tasked to report about social ad campaign. I reported about the “Technology Will Never Replace Love” by the DTAC cellphone brand from Thailand. The campaign was made by the Y & R Thailand, an advertising firm which is very popular around the world.



This ad shows a father leaning over his crying baby in a crib, looking scared and confused on what to do. He calls his wife who happens to be at a grocery store, starts a video call so that she can pacify the child. She sings, makes funny faces – to no avail. The young dad suddenly makes an effort to slowly pick up the child. Presto, the child stops crying. The mother sees this wonderful moment of love straight from her DTAC cellphone.


The ad uses appraisal theory: instead of overtly selling a product, it makes the consumer feel a connection to the brand.  In this case, that feeling is the power of love. There is no up-front unique selling proposition.  They took the consumers into an emotional journey to form a resolution to take action. In DTAC’s ad, it shows how technology can’t replace love but it can uniquely connect people in moments of love.  The desired action is to use DTAC phones to never miss a loving moment.



This brand received widespread praises and criticisms around the world. I saw one blogger saying that he doesn’t like the ad because it shows fathers as “incompetent and clueless.” However, Askyourdad website also praised it for its realistic approach: “if we want honest representations of fathers in commercials, that means we don’t just show the strong, enganged, confident fathers. That means we show the scared ones too. They exist.”



I like this ad. It leaves a feel good experience. The message it sends is also very strong: Technology can be a good servant, but it can never replace love.



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