Hilario Embrado at Freeman’s Gabii sa Kabilin

Article of Hilario Davis Embrado

Article of Hilario Davis Embrado


Gabii sa Kabilin (Night of Heritage) is held every last Friday of May in Cebu just in time for the Philippine National Heritage Month and International Museum Day. Started in 2007, it aims the public to visit museums as way of preservation of Cebu’s rich culture and heritage as well as develop an understanding that museums can also be venues of live cultural activities among Cebuanos and to break away the misconception that museums are mere repositories of “dead” objects.


Gabii sa Kabilin was a blast. Went to The Freeman and was surprised to see the 1987 article of HILARIO DAVIS EMBRADO, a Cebuano journalist. He was the one who provided Pier Giorgio Dela Cruz with the detailed Fiel genealogy from Fr. Felizardo Fiel, OSA.

HILARIO is the son of Carcar, Cebu teacher Faustino Aleson Embrado and Catalina Davis.

Faustino is the son of Don Gerardo Ricardo del Rosario Embrado of Ubay, Bohol and Dolores Cui Aleson of Carcar, Cebu (first cousin of Cebuano philanthropist Don Pedro Cui);

Don Gerardo is the son of Romano Cajes Embrado and Agatha Garchitorena del Rosario;


Romano is the son of Don Antonio Fiel Embrado and Beatriz Bangoy Cajes;

Don Antonio is the son of Patricia Gelbolingo Fiel and Don Salvador Embrado of Ubay, Bohol;

Patricia is the daughter of Augustine Lucero Fiel and her second wife Magdalena Gelbolingo.

…and of course, Augustine comes from Felizardo Fiel, one of the first 3 Fiels in the Philippines.



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