Fiesta sa Bogo City!


Rowena Capistrano, Dondon and I went left USC for Bogo City. Mamistahay jud mi kaayo. It was a long ride, I was almost sleeping during the trip. We arrived at around 6 in the morning and I immediately entered the parish rectory and had my breakfast. Some priests also arrived. Op cors, apil pod sila Dondon ug Rowena.



The parish of San Vicente Ferrer – Bogo City was established in May 31, 1850. Acccording to the now defunct website, Spanish friar Fr Jaime Micalot was appointed the first parish priest by the Bishop of Cebu in January 1850. The first mass was celebrated in the hastily built chapel on April 5, 1850, to coincide with the death anniversary of the patron saint. This chapel was later gutted by fire and a new stone church was constructed at the place where the Bogo Town Plaza is now located. About this time, the Spanish authorities in Bogo introduced civil government. Pedro Aballe became the first Cabeza de Barangay or mayor from 1864 to 1869.










Its old church, located near the town plaza, was described as having walls of tabique pampango, posts of wood, and a roof of thatch cogon. The current church of Bogo was built in the post-war era. The cornerstone of the present parish rectory was laid on August 22, 1976, officiated and blest by Msgr. Pedro R. Dean, DD. Construction began three days later. It was suspended on December 15, 1977 and was resumed on December 16 the year after. Ninety-five of the work  was finished on May 16, 1981, and was blest on May 27 by His Eminence Julio Cardinal Rosales who was then Archbishop of Cebu.


A huge statue of Saint Vincent Ferrer also stands majestically in front of the present convent. It was inaugurated and blest on November 17, 1981. The parish priest then was Msgr. Christian Noel, DD while his assistant was then Fr. John Du.


After the Holy Mass, Rowena Capistrano asked Archbishop Palma to pray for rain. Believe it or not, at 1 pm, it indeed rained over Cebu. I witnessed a miracle! Thank you Lord for listening to the prayers of our dear holy bishop.




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