Housing for the Homeless

The Entrance of San Pio

The Entrance of San Pio

The DYRF team lead by Fr. Bobby and I went to San Pio Village of Dumlog, Talisay City to witness the turn-over ceremony of 204 high-end houses in a 5 hectare piece of land that included club-house under the mango trees, basketball court, multi-purpose hall and children’s playground.




The village started with Fr. Gianilacono, a diocesan priest from Sydney who arrived in Cebu back in the 80’s and who decided to choose Cebu as his adopted community. Among his early missionary tasks was to open a pastoral care to parishioners, a work that led him  to the local rubbish tips where he became committed  to helping the marginalized families who lived there.


Bishop Palma leading the prayer





The good priest has inspired and made possible the San Pio Village, the home for the underprivileged and homeless in Metro Cebu, particularly those residing at the garbage sites, fish folks, low-salaried workers and those who are doing community development work.











Armed with the theme “Changing Communities One at a Time,” this is a joined effort of the following: Bethlehem Communities – Australia, JPIC-IDC (Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation – Integrated Development Center), Communities for Communities, City of Talisay, Habitat for Community, Cebu Archdiocese Prison Apostolate, Cebu News Workers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Bethlehem Day Care Center Foundation Incorporated, Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor, Philippine Center for St. Pio of Pietrelcina Incorporated, Saint Padre Pio Contemplative Community of Cebu, Karl Kübel Stiftung für Kind und Familie, German Cooperation, and San Pio Homeowners’ Consumer Cooperative.



One thought on “Housing for the Homeless

  1. I’am the one of amillion homeless people in cebu.we only renting a litle room together with my wife and my 2 kids for almost 10 years.one of my ambition is to have an own house for to have a good shelter for my family,but sad to say that my monthly income as a security guard is not enough for the needs of my family.that why we only sheltered for a litle room in inayawan cebu city.now im knocking to your good heart and hoping that someday,im the one of a benificiaries of this company to having an own home.
    thank you so much,godbless and more power…

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