Impressions: Pari ‘Koy Pilot Episode

Dingdong Dantes a.k.a. Father Jericho 'Kokoy' Evangelista

Dingdong Dantes a.k.a. Father Jericho ‘Kokoy’ Evangelista

I watched the pilot episode of Pari ‘Koy. It is the latest Filipino religious drama broadcasted on GMA network with Dingdong Dantes as Fr. Jericho “Kokoy” Evangelista. Known as Pari ‘Koy, he is known for his non-traditional and non-conformist ways of bringing people closer to God, doing whatever it takes to show that it’s a “cool thing” to believe. As the plot progresses, his faith will also be tested when he is assigned in a parish of Barangay Pinagpala and starts to deal with the people of the community.


Some impressions with the pilot episode:


  1. Big check on the liturgical colors. Fr. ‘Koy was wearing white stole during the wedding. Tama po yon! I saw several Pinoy tele-dramas with priests celebrating feasts with violet stole and administering confession with red stole. Mali po yon. For feast of saints, white stole po dapat. Pag martyr, red. Pag confession, violet. I hope the program will also educate the viewers regarding the liturgical year.


  1. Fr. ‘Koy’s bed. A typical priestly bed – simple. May shelf, may maliit na aparador, makes me remember our little cabinets in Divine Word Seminary of Tagaytay! I can immediately relate kasi ganun din ang bed ko when I was in Olutanga Island as parochial vicar and as a parish priest. Until now, here in University of San Carlos – Cebu.


  1. Morning praise: “Good morning San Agustin!” Every congregations and group of priests ay may sari-sariling morning mantra! Ask the Divine Word Missionaries/ SVD Priests, including x-seminarians, and they will you that every rising bell in the morning, the bell ringer shouts: “Praise be Jesus Christ!” Then everybody responds: “Now and Forever!”


  1. Priestly Expressions. Ang mga pari ay may sariling culture and language pag magkakasama. “Galaw-galaw” pa lang ang narinig ko sa pilot episode. I love to hear more! I hope the program will also showcase how priests humanly behave when they are together. Makikita mong tao talaga kami pag magkakasama. We can bully each other too. Sabi nga ng old professor namin sa Biology noon: “I noticed that seminarians and priests hurt each other without being hurt.”


  1. Kuya Jess. Like! Di ba, Bro?


  1. New Assignments. My rector once said: “Sometimes you are assigned in a place that you don’t like but you are needed. In the end, you leave the place that you learned to like but — you are also no longer needed. So, be better prepared.” This is really the reality for priests. We come and go.


  1. Giant Pandesal. Did the researchers/writers saw my blog? I once bid for the longest biko in the world (laugh out loud).


  1. Birth Scene. Parang di masyadong realistic yong scene na yon. When you are a father and your wife is about to give birth the second time, you don’t call a priest. You go to the doctor – immediately. Pari ‘Koy’s reaction is also too good to be true.


But all in all, I like the pilot episode: it is very far from the typical bombastic telenovela na may pasabog, sampalan, sabuyan ng asido, nasunog na bahay or kotse, or kambal na pinaghiwalay. It is fresh. Very light and it left me with a smile after watching the first episode.


Expectations ko: sana itackle din yong mga issues like teen pregnancy, role of women in the Church, tension between priests who are parochial-minded against priests who are more open to missionary activities. Sana mayron ding catechism on the reality of evil, like possession and exorcism.


I’ll be watching this show!


One thought on “Impressions: Pari ‘Koy Pilot Episode

  1. I totally agree with you, although i’m not so familiar with priestly vestments as i was once a lector and a choir member and not a mother butler.

    Your comment however, on his room, it depends on the priest. There was once a priest who got assigned to our parish whose first agenda is to renovate the place where they would stay. And my! I had a chance to see the interior and voila! It seems like you’re looking at a house straight from home mag! Even the tiles are unique and looks expensive. The furniture and appliances were replaced too. And when they brought the couch outside, it looks worn and cracked. A proof that previous parish priest practised their vow of poverty.

    With regards to the childbirth scene, maybe because it’s in a remote area, their center of ‘Bayanihan’ is the church. It is Fr. kokoy who brought the people together that is why they look up to him as their guardian too.

    You said it right, it’s a good show very socially relevant. Unlike the shows that you mentioned who revolves around the same plot, this is an eye opener. I was teary-eyed when i was watching the march 17 episode. Much as i don’t want to say this, but it’s true. People would rather resort to doing evil to get easy money than work hard to earn. The worst is enforcing your kids to do the same.

    Sabi nga “pag ipinanganak kng mahirap, wala kang sala. Pero pag namatay kang mahirap ikaw ang may problema.

    And i hope that aside from those issues and area of concerns you suggested, they would also show ways and means of solving these issues. No offense meant, but the church’s ‘pro- life campaign’ is not so successful because there is no actual actions being done. It’s all talk and theory. I have been fortunate enough to attend a pro-life seminar, but all the cause and effect, theories and principles they presented were just facts and figures without resolution.

    How can a typical impoverished family afford a seminar like that to know all about natural family planning when the fee to pro life seminar is about 4000 per head and that was almost ten years ago.

    They talked about exploitation and corruption of teenage minds through the tabloids that contain sexual stories, the shows they see on TV who always showcase scantily clad female and male celebrities, etc. but i never heard any campaign from the church banning these tabloids from featuring sex stories which is so accessible to kids. Nor do i heard anything from them pressuring the mtrcb to pass stricter regulations and restrictions especially on acceptable manner of dressing. And the shows that usually promotes teenage pregnancies, illicit affairs, drugs, corruption, etc.

    Is it safe to assume that you are also a priest? If that’s the case, i hope you promote this show to your parishioners.

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