The CBCP has been apprised of shirts now vended apparently in preparation for the Pope’s visit. While the words in the shirt attempt to convey the openness of the Holy Father, the phrases “NO RACE NO RELIGION” are definitely misleading and quite frankly erroneous.


Pope Francis is aware of the fact that he heads an organized religion with a vast membership throughout the world. He is also as aware that race forms part of the identity of individuals and of peoples.


He has never said and taught that religion and race do not matter, because they most certainly do. It is what selfish, uncharitable and judgmental people do with religion and race that is a problem.


We urge our Catholic faithful NOT to patronize items with misleading posts and statements.


December 29, 2014

Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan
CBCP President






This is the official logo for the Pope’s upcoming visit to the Philippines. The blue, red and yellow shades are the colors of the Filipino flag, which represents the country and the people.



The Philippines is known as “The pearl of the Orient seas”, which is represented by the yellow circle. The white cross symbolizes the Christian faith.



The themes chosen for the papal visit, mercy and compassion are represented by red and blue circles.



The two symbols appear to embrace the yellow circle, representing the merciful and compassionate arms of the Pope.



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