Archbishop of Cebu Ordains 14 Seminarians for Diaconate

Archbishop Jose S. Palma, the pastor of the Archdiocese of Cebu, the country’s largest archdiocese, ordained 14 seminarians for the order of Sacred Deacons on December 10. The event, witnessed by thousands of faithful from the different parishes and religious communities, was held at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.


The new deacons with Msgr. Boy Bataclan, Archbishop Palma and Msgr. Tony Raňola (Photo Credits: Kuya Samuel Navaja)

The new deacons with Msgr. Boy Bataclan, Archbishop Palma and Msgr. Tony Raňola (Photo Credits: Kuya Samuel Navaja)


Those who were ordained deacons are the following: Rev. Ralph Romero Argoncillo, Rev. Villy Jean Pelegrin Cortes, Rev. Jose Romero de Dios III, Rev. John Timothy Carabio Jadulco, Rev. Moenil Palo Lapa, Rev. Rogen Limotan Leyson, Rev. Rabi Nadera Mabala, Rev. Arthur Goneda Manalo, Rev. Joseph Paul Cabrera Pugasan, Rev. Josephus Castro Remonde, Rev. Andre Mikhael Sagarra Tabotabo, Rev. Nissan Balolot Toring, Rev. Roy Vincent Husain and Rev. Herbert Sarabia Deluao. The last 2 are from the congregation of Mary’s Little Children while the rest belongs to the archdiocese.


The diaconate is one of the major orders in the Catholic Church. The other major orders are those of bishop and presbyter or priest. The ministry of the deacon is described as one of service in three areas: the Word, the Liturgy and Charity. The deacon’s ministry of the Word includes proclaiming the Gospel during the Mass, preaching and teaching. The deacon’s liturgical ministry includes various parts of the Mass proper to the deacon, including being an ordinary minister of Holy Communion and the proper minister of the chalice when Holy Communion is administered under both kinds. The ministry of charity involves service to the poor and marginalized and working with parishioners to help them become more involved in such ministry.

 (Photo Credits: Kuya Samuel Navaja)

(Photo Credits: Kuya Samuel Navaja)

Bishop Palma reminded the faithful of God that the gathering is one of thanksgiving. He said, “labing nihayag ang gugma sa ginoo sa iyang panon” (The love of God shines even brighter for His flock). The 14 deacons will then be assigned to different parishes in the Archdiocese. In an interview over DYRF Radio Fuerza, Rev. Josephus Castro Remonde said that the Archbishop will talk to them individually regarding their respective parish assignments.


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