Caltex Brings to Cebu the Five Benefits of Caltex with Techron

Presscon-Presscon Din Pag May Time

Presscon-Presscon Din Pag May Time


CEBU CITY, Philippines, Mar. 19, 2014 – In a discussion with Cebu-based media, Caltex recently showed how engines that are fed with low quality fuels become dirty in no time. In contrast, the same test showed pictures of how an engine that regularly uses Caltex with Techron is kept clean and operating at optimum levels.



Using a boroscope to take videos and photos inside cars’ engines, car owners were able to see the build-up of unburned and harmful deposits in piston tops and intake valves in their car engines. Only cars that were fed with Caltex with Techron showed internal engine parts almost as clean as brand new.  The boroscope tests involved 35 cars with at least 25,000 kilometers on the odometer or at least 3 years old. Caltex with Techron is marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI).



Jude Porras, Product Engineering Specialist, CPI, said, “Over time, deposits can accumulate in your car’s combustion chambers. These deposits can cause knocking or pinging, run-on or reduced performance, particularly if your car has driven over 25,000 kilometers. Deposits on carburettors, fuel injectors and intake valves can cause your car to produce higher emissions, may begin to hesitate and stutter during acceleration, knock or lose power.”



In contrast, included in the test was an eight year old car with 107,000 kilometers of mileage consistently using Caltex scored a near perfect 9.8 in intake valve deposit (IVD) cleanliness scale of 1-10 based on rating from the Coordinating Research Council (CRC) in the US.



During the tests, cars with engines that showed valves, spark plugs and combustion chambers with heavy deposits were fueled with Caltex with Techron for five days. Boroscope tests were then again conducted afterwards and showed significant gains in engine cleanliness. A car with a clean fuel system is more responsive than a car that is choked up with deposits.  Fewer deposits mean less chance of deposit-related engine problems.



Only Caltex has Techron, a powerful fuel additive based on the unique compound called polyetheramine (PEA) that works at the molecular level to prevent and clean deposits left behind by other fuel brands.  Other deposit control additives may clean the engine’s intake system but contribute to combustion chamber deposits.  These deposits can cause an engine to need a higher octane fuel to avoid knocking and run-on, or loss in performance. In contrast, Techron is not only effective in fuel system deposit control, it also minimizes build-up of combustion chamber deposits.



Caltex with Techron gives motorists five benefits. First, is maximized power.  Test bench data shows that deposit build up in critical engine parts due to the use of inferior fuel can result to about six percent power loss. The Techron in Caltex helps clean up these deposits resulting to restoration of lost power.



Second, improved fuel economy because Techron removes performance-robbing deposits.  Cars  perform best when vital engine parts are kept clean.  Fuel economy is restored when deposits are removed from the fuel system. A clean engine burns fuel more completely, getting more energy from every drop of fuel, resulting in longer distances travelled.



Third is lower emission. Caltex with Techron is proven to remove and protect engines against deposit formation in intake valves and port fuel injectors.  A ten year old car with 117,000 kilometers on the odometer fuelled exclusively with Caltex with Techron scored a very clean 9.2 out of a possible perfect 10 based on the intake valve deposit (IVD) rating by the Coordinating Research Council in the USA.



Fourth, is smoother drive.  Techron is especially formulated to make cars run the way it should. A clean engine ensures optimum combustion, reduces misfires and enhances drivability. A car with a clean fuel system is more responsive than a car choked up with deposits.



Fifth, is reliable performance. Techron’s unique chemistry is proven to keep valves clean even after 80,000 kilometers.  Caltex tested two 2.0l cars, one used Caltex with Techron while the other ran on a fuel without any additive. Although both cars started with an IVD rating of 10, after running for 80,000 kilometers the car on the fuel with no additive scored a dirty 7.5 while the car on Techron scored 9.8 IVD, almost as clean as brand new.



“Caltex with Techron is effective at cleaning up and avoiding harmful engine deposits. And unlike the other deposit control additives, Caltex with Techron® cleans up both intake systems and combustion chambers,” added Porras.



Caltex is completely free from harmful metal-based compounds commonly used to boost octane rating. Chevron’s Fuels Technology Team conducts Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA) using a gas chromatograph on gasoline samples to eliminate undesirable compounds in Caltex fuels.



Techron is standard in Caltex fuels such as Silver and Gold. Caltex Diesel has Techron D especially made to keep fuel injectors clean in diesel engines. Caltex customers, whether they drive a car, an SUV or jeepney, will have cleaner engines with the five benefits of Caltex with Techron, the 5-Star Fuel.


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