SVD Radio DYRF Prepares for the International Eucharistic Congress 2016

DYRF: Official Radio Partner of the International Eucharistic Congress in 2016

DYRF: Official Radio Partner of the International Eucharistic Congress in 2016

Beginning March 2014, the SVD-owned radio station DYRF Radio Fuerza – Cebu will revamp its programming in view of the Herculean event come January 2016: the 51st International Eucharistic Congress (IEC).  In fact there is a greater chance that Pope Francis will grace the occasion to be held in the heart of Christianity in our country. And yes, our station will be the official radio station for the IEC 2016!

We have consolidated four  religious programs of which three are new as a way of changing the playing field:



a) Banwag sa Pagtoo.  It is a thirty minute Sunday program  from 6-6:30 in the morning  anchored by Archbishop Jose Palma and his team of priests (Msgr. Dennis Villarojo & Fr. Mar Balili). It begins with a reflection on the readings of that Sunday and wind up with info and updates on Archdiocesan activities particularly in relation to  the IEC 2016. It is  a canned program with an option for a live broadcast. As the IEC draws nearer, we shall add  thirty minutes to the program.

b) Sunday & Weekday Masses. For decades now, we broadcast live the Holy Mass every Sunday morning coming from St. Joseph Parish, Tabunok, Talisay City.  Beginning March we shall bring the Sunday Mass to all the parishes in the city and the towns of the whole Cebu province between 6:30 tom 9 in the morning. The live broadcast of the weekday Masses will go on as is:  Redemptorist Church (Wednesdays 3 pm) and Basilica del Sto Niño  (Fridays 3 pm). It is hoped that in this way parishioners from different parishes will feel a sense of family  with the other parishes- big and small, old and new through the celebration of the Holy Eucharistic.



c) Lingganay. A one hour program from Monday to Friday , 6 to 7 pm.   It paints to the listeners the story of each parish in the entire province of Cebu.  It will also showcase the  Shrines, Chaplaincies and different Commissions of the Archdiocese.  Team moderator priests with  a companion of their choice( team member priest or anyone from the parish pastoral council) will be interviewed.  They will be asked to share the history of their parish, location, population, the patron saint, the fiesta, the pastoral program, and challenges.  Listeners, especially parishioners are expected to join the program thru phone calls or texting as there will be plugging days before the actual program and it will be announced also in the pulpit of the parishes scheduled to be featured.

d)Talad Katesismo. Is a one hour Sunday program directed to the family while having lunch.  It is catechetical in  nature and will capitalize on the newly launched Cebuano translation of the compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  It celebrates the importance of sharing the Church teachings on the family as the basic unit of the Church.  And this program is directed to members of the family while sharing theit meal hence it is time at 12 to 1 every Sunday.  The program will be anchored by Fr. Carmelo Diola and his team.

DYRF Radio Fuerza! 1215 sa Dial sa Inyong Mga Radyo!

DYRF Radio Fuerza! 1215 sa Dial sa Inyong Mga Radyo!


3 thoughts on “SVD Radio DYRF Prepares for the International Eucharistic Congress 2016

  1. Hi Felmar! Thanks for informing me about the upcoming Int’l Eucharistic Congress to be held in the Philippines in 2016. This is great news and I agree that it’s a Herculean task, but even you are up to that with your preternatural gifts. It’s a great choice for the Int’l Eucharistic Congress because the Philippines is the only Catholic country in the Far East. The Filipinos are great missionaries for our Catholic Faith; when they come to the American parishes they bring their deep Faith and enliven the parish. What city has been chosen as the official site? BTW…I like that photo of yours with the woolen cap; you look so different and it makes me smile because you come across as a young guy with lots on his mind, or should I say something up his sleeve. hah Take care, missing you.

  2. We all need God’s grace to live a good, joyful, courageous, faithful lives according to the Gospel message. We also need one another to proclaim God’s love to everyone whom we are on a daily contact. We are all loved by God. NEVER DOUBT THIS!!!

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