My Despedida Party

Goodbye. Good Health. God bless you.

Goodbye. Good Health. God bless you.

This post is actually overdue but I feel that I have to blog this anyway because I left my mission area in a so, so sudden manner. Early in December 2013, I received a call from Fr. Jingjong Rocha, our Philippine SVD South superior that I had to report in Cebu on January 2 for a “meeting.”

Fast-tract. January 1, I traveled 7 hours from Olutanga Island to Ozamis to catch up the boat bound for Cebu.  January 2 at six in the morning, I arrived in Cebu and was told that Fr. Bobby Ebisa, SVD and I would team up as manager and assistant manager of our SVD radio stations DYRF, Power FM, DYAJ and DYDW.

Things happened so fast. I found myself in front of Fr. Bobby and we immediately started planning out what to do with our stations, especially that DYDW (Radyo Diwa) was totally submerged and completely washed out in Tacloban due to the typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

My one day “meeting” was extended for several days, and so I went back to my Parokya San Miguel in Mabuhay, Zamboanga Sibugay for two reasons only: to attend my despedida party and second, to get my things so I can go back to Cebu the following day.

My despedida was bitter sweet. I planned to actually move out from the island this coming April, after Easter Sunday. But God had other plans.




If We Hold On Together

If We Hold On Together


Best Wishes for My Next Journey

Best Wishes for My Next Journey


Si Cha-Cha. Back-up mga Youth.

Si Cha-Cha. Back-up mga Youth.


Kab-ot jud Miray!

Kab-ot jud Miray!


Thanks to my many parishioners and friends who mingled with me.

Thanks to the Diocese of Ipil for being so accommodating whenever we visit the Bishop’s house.

Thank you to the parish pastoral council, catechists, Church workers of Parokya San Miguel of Mabuhay, Nuestra Seňora delos Remedios Parish of Subanipa, San Vicente Ferrer Parish of Talusan, Immaculate Conception Parish of Alicia and Saint Paul Parish of Payao. You are doing great things for the Lord!

Thank you to the Local government of Mabuhay headed by Mayor Bingbong Calonge and Vice Mayor Annam Dammang for supporting us in our Church projects. I pray for your tri-people projects.

Thank you to the many youth leaders who labored with me in Subanipa and Mabuhay. I shall miss you guys!

Thank you to the many families who invited us and welcomed us in their homes. In a special way, thank you to the Malig-on family; Ojales family;  Adlaon family, Zarate family, Sayco family, Nique family, Bacane family; Melano family; Maderal family; Toremotcha family; Alvarez family; Samonte family; Cole family, Dagayloan family; Mejares family; Sumicad family; Cenas family; Tolorio family; Momo family; Rosal family; Calonge family; Macapala family; Cosep family; Omamalin family; Taripe family; Vitamor family; Dipol family; Rabon family; Manuel family, Magdula family, Inso family, Jopson family, Cantina family, Vender family and Manggubat family.

Thanks to Mother Kiking Lim.

Thanks to Albert Bacane.

Thanks to Lingling and Flora.

Thanks to Joval Samonte.

Thanks to Sir Boy Momo and Doc Peregrina Momo.

Thanks to Madam Nina Toremotcha.

Thank you

Thank you Cha-cha! Winner jud ka sa sayaw-sayaw ug budots.

Thanks to Cecellen Cenes – you made my missionary work more special.

Thank you to my drivers and escorts who accompanied me, rain or shine.

Thank you to the Dominican sisters who were our partners in the missionary work.

Thank you to the students of Loyola High School, Xavier High School, Mabuhay Agro-industrial High School and Mabuhay National High School.

Thank you to all the donors and benefactors of our parishes.

Thank you to my confreres. I am proud to have worked with you.

Thank you to my assistant Fr. Manuel Mijares, SVD – your faithfulness to our missionary work is amazing.

Above all, I thank the Lord for all my blessings.

God ordains, God sustains.

Photo Ops

Photo Ops


Hulagway pa Jud

Hulagway pa Jud


With Props Para Lakaw na Jud Ni.

With Props Para Lakaw na Jud Ni.








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