Meeting with Fr. Tony Salas, SVD

Meeting with Fr. Tony Salas, SVD

Since time immemorial, the Catholic parents of Olutanga Island have been dreaming of Catholic prep and kindergarten. For several years already, they had no choice but to send their children to the Protestant Montessori in all three towns. They are captive clients.


When Fr. Manuel Mijares and I arrived in the island three years ago, we shared the dream of these parents. I remembered one time while I was in a birthday party, I was introduced to a parishioner named Jill Dulam who, according to what I heard about her, was very efficient in her work in an NGO specially alternative learning system. She told me Fr. Joseph Audiencia, SVD (the former parish priest) planned of putting up a children’s school for the parish.

Meeting with Fr. Tony Salas, SVD

Meeting with Fr. Tony Salas, SVD

“Gotcha!”, I exclaimed. “You are the one we are looking for!” Together with Fr. Manuel, we reawaken the dream. But we were groping where to start, what to do, and how to do it. We have in mind that this school will cater to our Catholic children but at the same time it will also accept Muslims, Subanen indigenous children and other faith and tribal affiliations. So, this is not just a prep and kinder school but also a school molding our children to be builders of peace – a school that will teach our young generation to respect, understand, show compassion and learn to love other people of various cultures and traditions. It made me remember Pope Francis’ message to the journalists on March 16 after the conclave: “Since many of you are not members of the Catholic Church, and others are not believers, I cordially give this blessing silently, to each of you, respecting the conscience of each, but in the knowledge that each of you is a child of God. May God bless you!


Several Catholic parents also expressed their support and shared in our dream until March 30, 2013 came. Holy Saturday. The dream saw its light. Fr. Tony Salas, SVD, came and gathered all those who expressed their support for the realization of the project.  Together with them, we came up with the vision and mission of the school which has no name yet. Those invited were already called owners of the school by virtue, not because of their profession, but by being parishioners and members of the Christian community.  They are the following:


  1. Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD
  2. Fr. Manuel B. Mijares, SVD
  3. Dr. Eusebio Momo
  4. Prudencio Anota
  5. Rico Caloňge
  6. Marlyn “Bebeth” A. Caloňge
  7. Jesus A. Arnoco
  8. Mina M. Berdin
  9. Flora A. Esmanel
  10. Jill S. Dulam
  11. Emma A. Rabon
  12. Carlos G. Magdula Jr.
  13. Romel A. Rabon
  14. Marigen C. Rabon
  15. Lourdes F. Ozarraga
  16. Princess Hazel Tolorio
  17. Annabele Tolorio
  18. Emilyn Sabornido
  19. Melinda S. Adlaon
  20. Mamerto B. Pagar
  21. Ronald B. Zarate
  22. Val Samonte
  23. Diosdado S. Omamalin
  24. Julieta C. Degumbis
  25. Zenaida G. Dumapi
  26. Maria Q. Rosal


Also invited during the meeting are Bro. Roland Pontevedra, SVD and Kiking Lim from Talusan. During the selection of the Board of Trustees, the following are elected:

Chairman                     Eusebio Momo

Vice – chairman          Val Samonte

Secretary                      Jill Dulam

Treasurer                     Lourdes Ozarraga

Members                      Emma Rabon

Prudencio Anota

Fr. Felmar C. Fiel, SVD

I am actually very amazed at all the happening! We built the concept of the school within two hours, complete with its mission and vision. It was like riding a car that immediately zooooooooomed in less than a minute. We had no money yet, no building yet, no teacher yet. And we were so ambitious to start the classes (of at most 25 pioneer children) this June. At the back of my mind, I actually worry about this project, but I lift it all to God. We will work all things out, knowing that we are not doing this for own, but for God’s glory and his beloved humanity.


If you want to contribute to this project, please pm me @ my facebook page: FELMAR’S MISSIONARY JOURNEY



So, help us God.




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