I first met her two years ago. She confidently sang during a program and from that time on, I always think of her. She reminded me so much of Fatima Soriano, the blind girl who speaks like an angel.


She is Cecellen Cenes, a 22 year old hydrocephalus girl in Fama, Olutanga Island, Zamboanga Sibugay. Her father already died and she is left under her aunt’s care because her mother already has another family. I was so surprised when I visited her once. Their house was a very small nipa hut, covered by sulirap, a string of woven coconut leaves.


Her aunt has a small kamanting/cassava garden at their backyard – that is their source of daily sustenance. In fact, they have camanting for their lunch. Her mother had not visited her for several years already. She has three step-brothers but she could no longer remember  the last time they visited her.


“What do you do when you are alone?”, I asked her. She proudly said that she can cook, do the laundry, clean the house.


A nurse told me that for a hydrocephalus person to reach 22 – that is already an extraordinary case. She must be very special! And oh, did I tell you she is still studying? This girl is very inspiring. She related to me last June how excited she was for the opening of the classes. She is already in grade 5. At that time, she has no bag yet, no notebooks, pencils and paper. However, she believed before the classes start, her aunt will be provided by God the necessary amount for her school expenses.


I highly admire her for her faith. So bubbly, so full of hope, so inspiring and so convinced of God’s love despite her seemingly hopeless situation.


God loves her. God bless her+


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