Brother Guy Mazola Mido, SVD

The 17th General Chapter of the SVD has elected Brother Guy Mazola Mido as a member of the General Council. He is the third to be elected to the General Council after the Superior General and the Vice-Superior General.

Brother Guy was born on October 31, 1962 at Bagata in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He was the fourth of 10 children born to Leonard Mazola and Vistorine Lukie. He has five brothers and four sisters. He did his schooling at Beno (DRC) and his university studies at Kinshasa (DRC).

Brother Guy joined the SVD at Beno in the year 1981. He did his novitiate from 1982-1984 and made his first vows on October 1, 1984. He made his final vows on August 30, 1992. In 1984 he received his mission appointment to the Central Province of the Philippines (PHC) where he was the assistant formator in the novitiate from 1994-1995 and later worked in the SVD Friends’ Office till 1998.


He was then transferred back to DRC and was the Provincial Councillor of the Congo Province (CNG) from 2003-2008. From 2003-2010, he was the Chairperson of the Formation Board in the (CNG). From 2005 he worked as Brothers’ Formator and Superior Delegate in the province. From 2007 on he is the Area coordinator for Formation for AFRAM. From 2009, he is also the Chief Editor at the “Verbum Bible” publications center at Kinshasa.


Picture and text provided by Sebastian Mattappallil, SVD


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