My Pet Cat Does a Manny Pacquaio!

Mother Duck and Mingming

I love my pet cat Mingming so much! She carefully guarded my another pet mother duck at the back of our parish convent. Mother duck is now in her last stage of hatching her eggs. One day, a snake invaded the house of mother duck but the invasion was not successful. My pet Mingming fought bravely ala-Manny Pacquiao with the aggressive invader. The bout was caught on video!


9 thoughts on “My Pet Cat Does a Manny Pacquaio!

  1. hindi ko naman maview ang video, pero nakakatuwa ang inyong pet, fads. kaya lang wala akong hilig sa mga cats. haha. sorry naman.

    how are you in your new parish? may chance ba fads na mapapadpad ka ulit nang manila? please please let us know ha. ingat lagi po! mwah!

  2. hahaha! boksing na boksing talaga ang dating nya fads! teka knockout ba talaga yung ahas? come to think of it, kapareho sya nung ahas na lumitaw sa house nung nagdidilig yung isang yaya one morning. wala lang kaming pusang magboboksing sa kanya. hehehe

    how are you fads? good luck sa new parish! ingats!

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