Rest in Peace, Fr. Vicente De la Cruz, SVD!

Fr. Vicente Dela Cruz, SVD

This week, I received three different texts about the death of our dear SVD missionaries. On Easter Sunday, Fr. Hermogenes Bacareza, SVD died. Then, Fr. Erasio Flores, SVD. And just today, Fr. Vicente De la Cruz, SVD.

Lord Jesus Christ,

Savior of the world,

we pray for your servant

Fr. Vicente De la Cruz, SVD

your missionary priest.

We recommend him to your mercy and love.

For his sake, you came down from heaven;

Receive him now into the joy of your kingdom.

For though he has sinned, he has not denied the

Father, Son and the Holy Spirit

but has believed in God and has worshiped and served God

as an SVD missionary priest,

a living witness of the Incarnate Word to the whole world.

Eternal rest grant unto Fr. Vicente De la Cruz, SVD

and may all the faithful departed through the mercy of God

rest in peace.



One thought on “Rest in Peace, Fr. Vicente De la Cruz, SVD!

  1. Fr. Felmar Castrode:

    God’s day to you.

    I am G-one T. Paisones, I am the website administrator of,,, I had able reading your comments with us; in that regards I am voluntarily offers our service to you… A free Apologetics Biblical seminars to your parish.

    What we are asked for are the PAMASAHI…going in your parish.

    I am currently finishing my work as a convent boy in Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Camaman-an Cagayan de Oro City; and searching for a seminary to enter the vocation of priesthood.

    This letter also serves as a letter of request, that I would be pleasing in entering the order of SVD…..

    If you can grant my request please let me know; my mobile number is 09057501511…

    Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam…

    Respectfully yours,

    G-one T. Paisones, CFD

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