I remember Paul. He was my classmate in the Novitiate (stage of priestly formation where we only “pray and work” for one year inside a cloistered compound in Calapan, Mindoro). He usually cracked jokes while chopping logs for the kitchen.

After our Novitiate in May 2004, he stayed in Calapan for six months. After December, he left for Papua New Guinea to continue his studies there.

One day, he woke up and noticed everything was in total darkness. He could no longer see.

He was sent to the Philippines for check-up. One week became one month, one month became three months…three months became six months. It was really a case of hoping against hope…the once cheerful classmate of mine became a groping young man in his isolated room in the Villa Cristo Rey (this is our old priests’ home) in Christ the King, Quezon City. He could no longer see the ice cream na hinahanda ko para sa kanya. He could no longer read the inspiring text messages sent by our common friends. He could no longer see my smile habang nagche-cheer ako sa kanyang pagbe-belly dancing!

Seeing him in that condition worried me a lot. What will happen to him? Will he be returned to his family? Will the SVD take care of him?

P9050010 “Dont worry brother,” he told me. “I will be alright. I can no longer see but still in my heart, I see sparks of faith and that’s more than enough to make me see that God loves me. The Lord gives, the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Lord.”

Ah! that was beautiful…!

One day, I visited him in the Villa Cristo Rey. I told him that we will be having the Family Feast (foundation day ito ng SVD) and there are many activities. I cracked a joke that “bunong braso” will be one of the games. His face lighted up. He remembered very well how he won that game when we were novices and now, he wanted to participate in our Family Feast and to volunteer for his team to be their candidate.

He was very excited.

Then, one day, I received a text. He is leaving earlier than expected. 

We had a very painful parting. I helped him pack his things. I could only say, “Paul, i am praying for you…” to assure him that even when we are miles apart, I am one with him in prayers.

“Thank you Brother,” he responded.

That was the last time.  I miss my dear brother.  I remember Paul and his sparks of faith…

God bless him.


118 thoughts on “SPARKS OF FAITH

  1. nagbibigay ako ng recollection. break time muna. kaya post ko muna ito. babalikan ko mamayang hapon ito para alamin kong sino ang makakafirst base. God bless everyone!


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  2. Nakakalungkot po ang story ni Paul. Pero nagbigay po si Paul sa atin ng matibay na pananampalataya sa kabila ng pangyayari.

    Katulad po ng sinabi niyang:

    “The Lord gives, the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Lord.”

  3. awww… nakakalungkot…wala na kayong balita sa kanya, fads? sana maayos ang kalagayan niya at kahit na di siya nakakita ay intact pa rin ang kanyang faith…

    • sori po father pero para ke ate kaye to…

      ate kaye pakitanong ke akismet kung san nya tinago ung kowment ko sa bahay mo?
      kahapon at kanina po un…baka sakali lang me natira pa.

      • heller mtoni!

        ayun yung isa di naman ginalaw ni akismet. yung isa lang talaga ang nasala.

        nagemail din ako sayo kaso di tinanggap. bumalik sa ken. boohoo. comment ka ulit sa site ko tas try ko ulit magemail sayo.

      • ung mga acct ko minumulto kaya tinamad na ako magcreate ng panibago. halos di abutin ng buwan ay di ko na mabuksan.
        neks yer po baka pede kung makakalimutan na nila ako.

        tenks te Kaye, leave ako ng msg sa bahay mo pagikot ko.

  4. Nakaka inspire ang story ni Paul…

    “the Lord gives, the Lord takes away.”
    So, wala tayong karapatan na mag tanong sa KANYA na during in our needs and pains, “bakit ako pa?”… kasi minsan nakakalimutan natin na lahat ng meron tayo, HIRAM nga lang pala natin.

  5. good morning pads. salamat po at naalaala n’yo pa rin po ako magka eskuwela pala tayo! kapangalan ko pa pala siya LOL. I am here na your brother Paul…

      • Father, ang dami palang ibig sabihin ng name na Paul – sa biblical name ay Saul – si Saint Paul, sa mga Pakistani ang Paul – ibig sabihin nito ay “beautiful flower” sa Arabic ang Paul ay nagiging Baul dahil walang letrang P- ang ibig sabihin nito sa lalake “yong dinadaluyan ng ihi/ihi”. Ang surname ko ay PRUEL – dito ko po babawiin dahil nakasama raw ito sa biblical name at ang ibig sabihin ng PRUEL ay name daw ito ng anghel na itinalaga ng Diyos para mangalaga sa SOUTHWIND.

  6. “,kakainspire po!! but he is too brave to face that kind of circumstances !!! yung faith nya kay Lord buong-buo!!! I admire him!! prayer na lang po!! because in God all things are possible!!!right?

    God bless po!!!

  7. Inspiring story, father. Sabi nga, what is essential is invisible to the eyes. Paul knows that and he uses it well via his heart. Sana maraming Pilipino ang ganyan. Father, do write a sequel to this post when the right time comes. Ang ganda kasi.

  8. I will be alright. I can no longer see but still in my heart, I see sparks of faith and that’s more than enough to make me see that God loves me.

    Wah. That was so… inspiring. A true manifestation of a man of God. *A* Ang gandaaaaaa. I love it Father! Hay. I hope someday ganyan rin po katatag ang faith ko. Hehe. 🙂

  9. me topak na ang friendster…me virus.

    anyway, i know that paul sees the beauty that all dont see. the beauty that is within. god bless

  10. as one quote put it: it is only through the heart that one can see rightly, what’s essential is invisible to the eye..
    i always thought it’s only in darkness that we see and enjoy the beauty of light. truly inspiring post father for those of us who have the sight but dont really see.. =)

  11. FATHER SOBRANG GANDA PO NG BLOG NYONG ITO. buti naisip nyong i-repost. things like these make me wanna go on. hay, ibang high tlga ang dulot ng inspiration na naka-angkla kay “Bro” ano?! :_)

  12. I cam across your blog while I was looking at Fr. Ross’ site. I’ve been inspired by this story. I myself has undergone a life changing situation just recently and I am sharing my own journey through blogging. My only wish is, if I could inspire even just one reader not to lose faith in times of adversity, then I am happy. Seven months ago, I’ve been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer and despite everything, I’ve learned to let go and placed my complete trust in Him.

    Arlene (

  13. faith is not passive, it is active.. faith can move a mountain, therefore faith can move us into action. faith is something that God is seeking in us. faith extends even on the longest miles. gaya ng prayer mo sa kaibigan mo.. it’s a nice post..

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