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Posted by Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD in Subanipa Diaries, Vocation Story.
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Greetings from Olutanga Island!

Finally, I already arrived in the place Fr. Joseph Audiencia, SVD called “Gateway to Paradise.” Last June 1, 2009 Fr. Mannix Suico, SVD and I left Cebu via PAL Express. Mabilis ang biyahe. Dumating kami sa Dipolog City 18 minutes ahead of the estimated time of arrival.GEDC4335

My Luggage

From Dipolog, we went to Ipil para mag-courtesy visit kay Bishop Julius Tonel but he was not around. Ang chancellor lang ang na-meet namin. Malayo din pala ang biyahe from Dipolog to Ipil (7:15 am to 1:30 pm). Buti na lang may service car kami.

After lunch, we were once again on the road going to Guicam. Grabe, isa pang napakahabang journey. Nakatulog tuloy ako sa biyahe. We arrived in Guicam at 4:15 pm. The RoRo Port of Guicam is located at the channel dividing the island of Olutanga from the mainland of Zamboanga Peninsula. This RoRo port links the RoRo port of Hula-Hula located at the Municipality of Mabuhay, Olutanga Island.


So near yet so far

Nakakatuwa. From Guicam pier, ang lapit-lapit na lang pala ng Mabuhay. In my mind, I said, perhaps next time I could swim papuntang isla, hehe. A small canoe took us to Olutanga Island.


Fr. Mannix Suico, SVD and IGEDC4341

The Welcome Banner

When I reached Mabuhay, Fr. Mannix stayed at the SVD parish doon. I continued my journey to Subanipa. Fr. Joseph told me that we priests here are always encouraged to make the sign of the cross before leaving the convento.GEDC4344

That’s My Luggage!!!


Yan ang sinakyan ko. Baba muna ako para magpicture!!!


Nagtsikahan pa ang mga motorista. Hehe.

Grabe ang hirap ng daan. Hahaha.  It was very exciting. Kita mo naman, I was able to take pictures pa, haha. I arrived at the Lady of Remedies Parish, Subanipa at 6:45 pm. Fr. Danny Noval, SVD gladly received me in our SVD parish together with our parishioners.

The real challenge is indeed here.

NEXT POST: My welcome party…



1. Char Trident - June 4, 2009

HUGS Father Felmar !!

Yes you are always in my prayer !

Thanks for letting the group knows.. I will introduce you to the group tomorrow on my off day Friday !

ang putik putik… nakakatuwa ka naman .. hehehehe

God Bless YOU!

2. Char Trident - June 4, 2009
3. blurosebluguy - June 5, 2009

fader…..good luck po sa bago mong assignment…keep us posted!

Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD - June 6, 2009

thanks! marami pa akong naka-standby na updates…

4. sandi - June 5, 2009

goodluck po father!

dami pa rin hindi maayos na daan

Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD - June 6, 2009

hehe grabe talaga daan nila dito. maputik talaga kaya pag nagpupunta ako sa chapel di ako nagpapantalon, nakashorts lang at nakatsinelas. sa chapel na lang ako nagbibihis…

5. Jorge - June 9, 2009

Huwah! Astig na lugar! Talaga namang may time pa para magpicture, hehehe..

Goodluck po and Godbless!

Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD - June 9, 2009

“kinakarer” ang tawag dyan kapatid…

6. antonio (junet) ayo - June 11, 2009

congrats and good luck, fr. fiel. it is nice of you keeping this blog of yours.
our prayers for you and your community out there as you face your challlenges which i understand, you are taking as exciting. it is a good framework. regards.

7. oscar alunday - June 14, 2009

Amen and great you are there to add another variety of the body of Christ. Variety lang no adding. Today is Corpus Christi kasi and it’s great that you are there “to make visible God’s goodness and kindness” tp the good people of the parish.

Pareho din pala and kalsada na dinaanon ko in 2005-6 when i visited our confreres there….habalhabal din. Regards to our confreres and enjoy the thrill of mission. They have a good BEC program in the Diocese. The lay coordinator in the diocese si joel is a good freind of mine – active kaayo. i am sure you will meet him. i trust that you will strengthen the biblical aostolate there. ask about our “May they be One” Bible campaign for the Poor. I’ll ask my secretary to send you guidlines regarding the project. Right now I am in Bukidnon with the Malaybalay monks – resting in the Word (retreat).

Wishing you all the best,

Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD - June 14, 2009

maraming salamat padz…

8. oscar alunday - June 14, 2009

regards and all the best kapatid

9. Angelo "popoy" David - June 17, 2009

Keep up the good work Father Fiel!!!
your blogs help me keep up with different events in the SVD.

GOd bless
Popoy David (xvd-xinya class)
Diocese of San Jose California

Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD - June 18, 2009

thank you angelo! pari ka na ba?

Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD - June 18, 2009

thank you angelo! pari ka na ba?

10. MY FARMVILLE/FARMTOWN « Felmar's Missionary Journey - October 9, 2009

[…] Greetings from Olutanga Island Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Facebook Apps […]

11. alex gumba aguilar - November 6, 2009

I was remenescing the years 3 decades ago when i remember the pictures you published in this site. I grow up from that place. Graduated at Talusan Elem School and in High School at Loyola High School in Subanipa. How I wish I can have time to visit the place. I really love Olutanga and I miss lots of my cousins there. Thanks for your efforts and may God bless all your endeavors to the place I missed.


12. julitz... - January 16, 2010

We hope politicians in Zamboanga Sibugay may fulfill their plan to build a bridge to connect guicam and hula-hula, because Olutanga Island is our place and we love to see development in this island…

Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD - January 16, 2010

sana…sana…pero karon wala pa jud…

13. pabingwit_j - January 16, 2010

I was born in 1984 in Olutanga island. I left Olutanga for my education and for me to fulfill my goals in life. After 15 years I finally able to spent christmas and new year with my family in our own place last year. In my visit, I have seen several of improvements in this island so I hope there will be bridge soon to open to connect Guican and Hula-hula to make more the improvements visible to the public and to the visitors of the island as well…

14. jan JAN - July 2, 2010


Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD - July 6, 2010

God bless you too janjan+

Jaiton - January 14, 2012

Your noble journey leave a life style changes for the people of Olutanga. I am a Muslim Olutaguenos, born therein, bringing a dream to my place into its utmost healthy community. Peace prevail, Muslims and Christians are united and shaded with your spiritual words.

What a strange being you are Fr. Felmar? We are always hoping that stranger and visitor will the be same as you and not those stranger bringing chaos to our place.

Thank you! Fr. Fiel ……. You are always WELCOME!

God Bless you too!

Your Muslim brother,

Jaiton Jailani

Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD - February 7, 2012

thank you for your comment jaiton! this is indeed very inspiring! magpadayon ta sa pagsabway ug kalinaw sa atong isla.

15. Cyril L. Enriquez - September 6, 2010

Last Feb to December 2009 I was assigned in Olutanga as an Account Developer of Coca-Cola. What a beautiful place to leave, lots of friendly people and most especially a place to have a great outdoor adventure in going places. Miss Binibining Sibugay’09 in the person of Ms. Sheena Arabani is from Olutanga. And now I’m back again in Olutanga.

Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD - October 2, 2010

thank you cyril for dropping by…

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