2008-2009 Posts

Pope John Paul II To Be Beatified
It began with a Polish News Report in the Polish daily “Dziennik” and spread throughout the blogosphere almost faster than lightning, the late beloved Servant of God John Paul II will be beatified next year on April 2, 2010.

St. Joseph is in the Picture!!!
Happy Feast Day to St. Joseph!!!

Dinner for a Cause

Several SVD confreres, especially overseas, wanted to see the Dinner for a Cause held at the Divine Word Seminary of Tagaytay last February 13.

My Birthday Message
Birthday ko today. I am now 28 years old.

May Bukas Pa
I am following a very inspiring telenovela these days.

Ash Wednesday Trivia

I noticed even as a young child that some of the largest crowds in the year will show up to receive ashes on Ash Wednesday, even if it is not a holy day of obligation.

I’m Leaving Tagaytay
Yes,I will be leaving Tagaytay soon…

He Knew the Time of His Death
Did you ever know of someone who prayed the rosary faithfully and eventually knew the time of his/her death?

Song of Fr. JB
Fr. Julio Barbieto, SVD was a person of humor. His jokes are contagious!

Catholic Candies???
Fr. Ed Fuguso, SVD shared.

First Time
This is shared to me by another SVD missionary: Together with another SVD, they were sent to a foreign country.

Juan Tamad Crocodile
Fr. Flor Lagura, SVD shared about the story of Fr. Robert Winkler, SVD.

Lost and Found
One time during our common dinner, one of the seminarians announced, “I have found a book. Those who might have lost it, please claim from me.”

Mabele! Mabele!
This is from Pinoy SVD Fr. Emil Pati.

Help! Help!
In one of my summer apostolates, our assistant parish priest was going to be transferred to another place. So, on his last day in the parish, the people decided that we organize a picnic in the river and something unexpected happened.

Thanks! Thanks!

When I was a postulant, I remembered very well a serious sermon from an SVD deacon which turned out to be a light moment for all of us gathered.

Monkey! Monkey!
Fr. Ibarra Fabella, SVD shared this story

Rush Hour Embarrassment
One time, I was racing against time at the metro rail transit (MRT) station.

I Baptized Michael Phelps!!!
Last Sunday, January 18, I baptized 25 babies in our parish, St. Arnold Janssen Shrine Parish in Cainta, Rizal.

Go, Team Philippines
From the 6 Philippine bets, my highly supported wonder of Palawan, the Underground River is now the remaining national qualifier for the global online voting on the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Ai-Ai Delas Alas Quotes
Let us start the year 2009 with Quotations from the Philippine Comedy Concert Queen and our “Tanging Ina” Ai-ai Delas Alas. Read on and have a good laugh!

My New Year Message
I was at the parish

My Christmas Message
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Our Ordination Day
The Pantas Class finally had our presybyteral ordination last December 6, 2008 with Bishop Arturo Bastes, SVD as our ordaining Prelate.

Laying of Hands
Some priests on My Ordination

Behind the Scenes
I would like to thank the many people who were working in the background, who labored way, way ahead of others to come up with a succesful ordination.

Word Alive on DZMM
Last Sunday, Feast of Christ the King, Rev. Aris Martin, SVD and I, together with veteran Pinoy missionary (to Brazil, Argentina and Angola) Father Manuel Gatchalian, SVD were invited over as guests by Fr. Bel San Luis, SVD in his radio program “Salitang Buhay” (Word Alive) at DZMM.

Friendster is Hacked???
When I logged in on my Friendster account, lo and behold, my 1,088 friends were down to 54!

Candidates for Ordination
Five of us will solemnly embrace the gift of priestly ordination this coming December 6, 2008 at 9 in the morning in Divine Word Seminary of Tagaytay.

Kambal na Kamalasan
Letter from Fr. Dondion, SVD

A Mother’s Letter
A Mother Writes to Her Son

RIP, Fr. Nards
A Tribute to a Great Missionary

The Word in Other Words 2009
The Bible Diary of the SVD “The Word in Other Words” is now out in the market.

Underground River is Now #1
PHILIPPINES! Underground River is now Number 1 in the New 7 Wonders of Nature!

SVD, XVD and the SSVD
One afternoon, I was checking the pictures uploaded by my online buddy XVDph about the homecoming of seminarians from Christ the King Mission Seminary.

Siglo, Sigla, Saksi
Siglo stands for 100 years, Sigla for Enthusiasm, and Saksi for Witness – that is, 100 years of SVD’s Enthusiastic Witnessing in the Philippine shores.

Gone to the Dogs
No, the title of this post is not about dogs.

My Ordination Date
Last month, Fr. Wilfredo Saniel, SVD, our Rector here in Divine Word Seminary of Tagaytay issued a circular letter regarding SVD priestly ordinations.

Lights and Shadows of the Catholic Parish
This essay highlights the strengths and the weakness of the modern Catholic parish Church.

My Mission Assignment
Our mission assignments were officially announced last Thursday, August 7, 2008 during our concelebrated mass in Tagayta

Manila Dream
used to believe that the greatest dream of every promdi (from the province) is to step on the imperial lands of Manila.

Christ the King, Then and Now
Visit our Seminary…

Proud to be SVD
Two great SVDs are in the news these days…makes me proud to have dedicating confreres like them.

Oh, Life
I know very well it will be coming out in the national papers!

My Diaconate Ordination
Our diaconate ordination was held in St. Arnold Janssen Shrine Parish in Cainta, Rizal last June 28, 2008.

Vino de Honor
A Toast to the New School Year!!!

My Journey to the Underground River
I have been to the different parts of our country from A (Abra) to Z (Zamboanga) and in one of my journeys, the Underground River left a deep impression on me.

First Vows 2008
Prologue Class had their First Profession of Vows at Divine Word Shrine, Christ the King Mission Seminary of Quezon City.

My Perpetual Vows
Finally, together with my four classmates, we profess our Perpetual Vows last May 25, 2008, Sunday at the Holy Spirit Chapel of the Divine Word Seminary of Tagaytay.

Mayon Volcano Resurrects
After a month-long hiatus, Mount Mayon resurrects at the 35th spot in the global online poll on the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

It Will be for Life
Our perpetual profession of vows will be on May 25, 2008

Chocolate Hills is Back!!!
After its sudden disappearance from the top ten and from the list of the official nominees for the New Seven Wonders of Nature, the Chocolate Hills of Bohol is now back with a vengeance!

The Wonders of Tubbataha Reef
Vote for the Tubbataha Reef

Chocolate Hills: Out of the “New 7 Wonders of Nature” Race???
Oh my God! I have been in panic for days now!

SVD Bishop Wins Presidential Race
Dubbed as ”Bishop of the Poor”, Fernando Lugo made history as the first Roman Catholic bishop elected president of a country.

Vote for New Seven Wonders of Nature
Have you heard of the New 7 Wonders of Nature Campaign?

Journey to the Taal Crater
A Journey to Remember


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