Happy Feast Day to St. Joseph!!!

A friend of mine shared in her blog as her special gift/treat to her dear readers a photo she took at the SVD Seminary in Tagaytay City, Philippines, on March 19, 2006 (take note of the date!) when the priests, seminarians and lay mission partners had a Lenten procession in their grounds…Look at the picture carefully. You may have to zoom in the photo so you can see the unmistakable hovering presence of St. Joseph..


7 thoughts on “ST. JOSEPH IS IN THE PICTURE!!!

  1. That’s amazing! St. Joseph, pray for us! P.S. Fiesta d2 sa subdivision namin sa Almanza (our subdivision name is St. Joseph Subdivision)

  2. Thank you for remembering my blog, Fr. Fiel… I can attest to so many “gifts” and miracles from St. Joseph… In relation to St. Joseph, I especially remember and give tribute to Fr. Tom Green, SJ who was buried today, on the feast day of St. Joseph. Fr. Tom was born 77 years ago on the same day… And he died at the San Jose Seminary last March 13… St. Joseph pray for us!

  3. magagalit po ba kayo kung sabihin kong wala po akong makita.. ahehe… sorry talaga dinownload ko pa nga eh.. cheers;p-glesy the great

  4. OMG. Padre this is not digitally manipulated. The silhouette is too specific to be injected or integrated on the hues of the natural light and color of the surrounding trees.

    What a wonder to behold. March 19 pa talaga.

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