In one of my summer apostolates, our assistant parish priest was going to be transferred to another place. So, on his last day in the parish, the people decided that we organize a picnic in the river as our token of thanksgiving for the missionary service he had done for the parish.
While in the river, I had so much fun swimming together with another SVD seminarian (You should know I am a swimmer!). This assistant parish priest also wanted to come to us. So, he swam going to our direction but was carried away by the mighty waters, until he reach a whirlpool where he could no longer move himself. He had already drank so much water. So, he shouted to us, “Help! Help!”
Knowing that the assistant parish priest doesn’t speak English to us but in Visayan language, we ignored him and even laughed at him because we thought that he was only playing jokes with us.
After few seconds, he already shouted for help in Visayan dialect: “Tabang! Tabang!”
We immediately came to his rescue!


I welcome contributions! Anecdotes must be funny, true stories of SVD missionaries working in the Philippines or Pinoy SVD missionaries working in any part of the globe. Contributions may be forwarded to





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