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Posted by Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD in Mission Anecdotes, OMG!, SVD Jokes, SVD Philippines Centennial.
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Last Sunday, January 18, I baptized 25 babies in our parish, St. Arnold Janssen Shrine Parish in Cainta, Rizal. I was surprised upon knowing that one of the babies was named Michael Phelps! Hehehe.

The baby is so cute!!!

Michael Phelps together with his proud mother…





1. King - January 20, 2009

Kala ko nasa U.S of A ka na padre! hehehe..False alarm pala.

2. revsiopao - January 20, 2009

astig naman ang name nun kapatid!
he he.


3. bloggerjorge - January 21, 2009

May pinoy version si michael phelps! Astig!

At ang cute ng baby!! Godbless!

4. utoysaves - January 21, 2009

wow, pang-olympics!
it’s fun how we name our children nowadays. gone were the days when people based the names of their children on the saint on whose feast they were born. in some ways, it’s for the best kasi had i’ve been named after my saint, i’ll be called Gregorio Basilio!

God bless!

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