Last Sunday, Feast of Christ the King, Rev. Aris Martin, SVD and I, together with veteran Pinoy missionary (to Brazil, Argentina and Angola) Father Manuel Gatchalian, SVD were invited over as guests by Fr. Bel San Luis, SVD in his radio program “Salitang Buhay” (Word Alive) at DZMM.


Rev. Aris Martin, Fr. Manuel Gatchalian, Miss Ilsa Reyes, Me, Fr. Bel San Luis

Salitang Buhay is a religious program anchored on God’s Word which applies to various sectors of society: spiritual, moral, economic, and political. It is inspired by Christ’s words: “Everyone who listens to my words and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on rock.” (Matthew 7:24).

It was my second time to guest on “Salitang Buhay”. I arrived earlier than the call time. I immediately saw “Salitang Buhay” anchors Miss Ilsa Reyes and Fr. Jerome Marquez, SVD, and we immediately went inside the studio.

The topic that evening was all about our vocation story.The jokes of Fr. Bel are all new to me and he delivered them on the spot. Ang galing! I enjoyed the evening.

Fr. Manuel Gatchalian, SVD was also a very inspiring guest. I met him before when I was still a college seminarian in Christ the King. I could not forget him because he cried during his homily when he talked about his experience of being with the poor. Even during our interview, I noticed he was teary-eyed while sharing on air his experience with the poor in Angola during the civil war.

Thank you to Father Bel, Father Jerome and Miss Ilsa Reyes!


Fr. Bel and Fr. Jerome took turns in taking souvenir photos. Hehe.

As expected, Rev. Aris and me took time to pose at the ABS-CBN lobby after the program.

The beautiful and towering Christmas Tree at the main entrance of DZMM.


Siyempre, look at the Kapamilya logo at the background…In the service of the Filipino worldwide.





5 thoughts on “WORD ALIVE ON DZMM

  1. Hello Bro Fiel
    Thanks for following our blog. Congratulation for your coming ordaination. I and our altar servers include in our prayers.

  2. Fr. fiel congratulations. what agrace you have from Jesus. You are now a priest and that is forever. Binabati po kayo ng mga Lingkod ng Dambana ng barnabite. CONGRATULATIONS!!! (barnabite Altar Servers)

  3. It seems my language skills need to be strengthened, because I totally can not read your information, but I think this is a good BLOG

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