In the Yapak Magazine, Fr. Bel San Luis, SVD was asked about his most remarkable/unforgettable experience in his seminary years in Christ the King. This is his answer, “It was the realization that the Lord really called me to become an SVD priest despite my weaknesses, naughtiness and clandestine activities which could have cost me my vocation had I been discovered. For instance, my close friend and I would escape at night after our Prefect had finished patrolling our dorms. There were no security guards then manning the gate. We would arrange our beds with mosquito nets down as though we were occupying then and go to Cubao, enjoy a meal or a movie then return home undetected. To cover up, we saw to it that we were in the chapel on time for Morning Prayer! Incidentally, we had to discontinue those late night outs when fierce German Shepherd dogs were let loose at night. (Yapak Magazine, vol. 4, no. 1, 15)

P.S. While reading this one, I could not help but intimately relate myself with Fr. Bel’s story. But during my time, there were no more German Shepherds. Hehe. Good thing I was not caught. Hehe. I remembered one time when I was the class servant of the fourth year college class, Fr. Eli Mata, SVD (our Prefect of Discipline) complained to me with his classic high pitch voice: “Felmar, yong classmate mo, lumabas na di nagpaalam, nakasalubong ko sa Cubao, di man lang nag-good morning!” (“Felmar, your classmate went out without permission. I met him in Cubao and he did not even bother to greet me good morning!”)


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One thought on “SVD JOKES #20: FR. BEL’S REALIZATION

  1. hala ka!buti kamo mababait ang SVD at walang disciplinary action against you? Anyway, that was part of our teenage years, Lol!

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