Some people actually do not know the distinction between a priest and a deacon: this is the observation of Rev. Jaekel Solde, my deacon classmate. Diaconate is the last stage for priesthood. A Deacon is called a Reverend, while the priest is called a Father.
In one instance, Rev. Jaekel met this woman who kept on calling him “Father, Father.” He explained to her the difference and insisted that the woman call him “Reverend” instead of “Father.” After a short explanation, the woman exclaimed, “So, deacon pa po pala kayo Father?” (So, you are still a deacon, Father?”)


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3 thoughts on “SVD JOKES #17: FATHER DEACON

  1. This is an old SVD joke, told to us by our Novice Master, the deceased Fr. Jose Vicente Braganza, SVD.

    Once a Jesuit, Dominican and an SVD were together in a retreat. During a break, the three got together and argued as to which Order or Congregation Jesus really belonged. The Dominican said, ” Jesus was a Dominican, because He was the greatest Preacher of all time. Hence He belonged to our Order, Ordo Praedicatorum, OP.” The Jesuit sniffed at that and said, ” You are mistaken, friend. OP actually means Ordo Peccatorum! Jesus was a bona fide Jesuit, because our order is the Society of Jesus Himself.” At which point the SVD joined the learned conversation and humbly offered that Jesus was really an SVD, and Mother Church proclaims this everyday, when Catholics pray the Rosary, thus: Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord, SVD!”

  2. Here is another old SVD joke from our beloved Novice Master, the deceased Fr. Jose V. Braganza: once an intellectual Jesuit and a grassroots SVD missionary were together in an annual retreat. The Retreatmaster sternly proclaimed that smoking was not allowed during meditation.

    When the urge to smoke finally overcame their good intentions, both proud Jesuit and humble SVD approached the Retreat Master for permission to smoke. The Jesuit said, “Reverend Father, may I smoke while I meditate?” To which the good Retreat Master sternly said, “NO!”. The humble SVD then came forward and said, ” Reverend Father, may I meditate while I smoke?” The good Retreat Master thought this over and finally said, ” Of course, you may!”

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