The name Kiblawan was derived from the combined name of two lovers known as Kib and Lawan. Lawan was a daughter of a Kaulo Chieftain living in Tumbag (sitio of Kiblawan) while Kib was an ordinary person living in the same Tribal community. Their love life was strongly opposed by the parents of Lawan, that lead unto the untimely death of both lovers. Their aborted engagement won sympathy over the people in the tribal community, accounting it as a significant event. Kib and Lawan became the most popular combination opted to name the place as Kiblawan. Kiblawan was the name of the Barangay now known as Barangay Poblacion prior to the creation of Kiblawan as Municipality on June 18, 1966. The seat of Government was established in the-said barangay hence, the name Kiblawan of the Municipality was adopted.

In the year 1966, the municipality was created by virtue of Executive Order No, !43, signed by his Excellency President Diosdado Macapagal, but it was revoked by the Supreme Court declaring the act of creating a Municipality through an Executive Order as null and void. The approval of the Republic Act No. 4748 on J.une 18, 1966 finally made Kiblawan as Municipality. Kiblawan is one of the fifteen (15) Municipalities that composes the Province of Davao del Sur.

According to 2000 Census, Kiblawan has a population of 41, 275 in 8, 339 household. It is politically subdivided into 30 barangays.

Ito ang mga ka-friendster ko from Kiblawan.

Alden Mark Alpas
Alfer Jumawan
Aphrodite Mamac
Asteria Sarno Goh
Bethany Datulayta
Blandy Zamora
Cheli Solis
Clarissa Braza
Desiree Preciosa Joy Agoilo
Feliam Fiel
Farrah Fiel
Elmera Saragena
Elvie Caballes
Emilisa Luy
Emily Hilario
Evavita Fornolles
Fred Maiko Claveria
Gladdys Dura
Glenn Allarse
Grace Dapusala
Hanie Aguilar
Irene Caday
Janice Saludar-Gerodias
Jay Heliane
Jayson Quimpo
Jazmin Calma
Jekamiah Talinggas
Jeruin Alfanta
Jhun Joel Templa

Joan Reynes

John Paul Espija
John Rey Malazarte
Jolly Doll Agoilo
Jomar Momo
Jonalyn Relativo
Jundee Roxas
Kristine Saludar
Liezel Zamora
Ligaya Alvarado
Lordjane Caballes
Lucille Gay Agoilo
Lyndon Quines
Madeline Franca
Mae Samodio
Maggie Fiel
Maribel Bustamante
Marilyn Into
Marilyn Micabalo
Marjorie Cagang
Marqueza Abay-abay
Marvin Zamora
Mary Flor Llenado
Meflor Camacho
Merenisa Merecido
Meshiel Campomanes
Niel Pausal
Perfecto Largo

Precy Basig
Prince Edilord Sacedor
Prudencio Sabolbora
Renan Umali
Rey Jade Gamboa
Roed Sacedor
Ronnyl Ang
Rosniele Gallardo Gonzales
Shiela Mae Neri
Tristan Amado Balmores
Vianca Avellana
Wynn Allarse
Zimross Jakosalem






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