I remember Fr. Nards with fondness. I was a college student in Christ the King before. Katatapos lang ng ozone disco tragedy and being the rector, he ordered that fire alarms be also put up in the seminary.

But since the fire alarms were installed in the hallways where seminarians usually pass, the naughty ones playfully turned it on, creating noise and commotion during siesta. Grabe! One seminarian even jumped out of the window from the third floor!

It was also made an alternate bell during rising to make sure seminarians really wake up.

Hehe. Those were the days…

Fr. Nards then ordered that nobody should make prank jokes on the fire alarms. For one month, the seminarians did not hear anything from the fire signal device.

However, one siesta time, the fire signal alarmed again. The seminarians were in panic! Some nerbyoso seminarians started to shout and packed their things.

Then one seminarian went upstairs and informed us: “Please don’t panic! There is no fire. The fire alarm button was only touched accidentally.”

And one of the seminary bully angrily asked, “…and who the hell touched the fire alarm button?”

The seminarian immediately answered: “Fr. Nards!”


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