Last Sunday, October 19, Frt. Ronrey announced that the new issue of the Yapak Magazine of Christ the King was sent to our Tagaytay community. He said that one of the contents was the interview done by seminarians Kevin Pizarras and Henry Paul Ramilo to Fr. Leonardo Estioko, SVD.

Surprising, I thought. For several years, the Yapak Magazine begged Fr. Nards for an interview but he always declined. This semester, he granted the magazine reporters an exclusive interview. “Signs of the times…” my friend commented. Anyway, in that interview, he was asked, “Father, any last words before we part ways?”

Fr. Nards exclaimed, “Ha? Ano yang last words, last words? Mahirap yan.(laughs)”

And it happened. October 21, at 3:45 pm, he died. Lung cancer. May he rest in peace…

I was a college seminarian when Fr. Nards was the Rector of Christ the King. The info and the whole alley of the Buttenbruch building were then filled with bones for Sacra. Every after vacation, he would ask me for “pasalubong”, not for him but for his beloved Sacra…He loved Sacra so much.

But more than his love for the dogs is his dedication to teaching. He was one of my favorite teachers in Christ the King (Fr. Nards, Bro. Romy, Mr. Racho). He was awarded the Most Outstanding Filipino SVD Professor of Philosophy last August 28, 2008. For him, being a teacher is more important than being a rector. He said, “Anybody can be a rector but not everybody can be a teacher (in Philosophy).”

God bless you, Fr. Nards…





12 thoughts on “RIP, FR. NARDS

  1. indeed, he is the best teacher that the SVD ever had… may his life inspire us to be the best in what we do…thanks to fr. nards..

  2. I am very sorry for him. He did not get his ardent wish to die in the classroom. he died on a semestral break kasi. hehe. pagdasal ko siya. he is a good prof.

  3. Not just the best but the best among the best…as it says. i have never met yet a philosophy professor who posseses the caliber of Fr. Nards. he discussed things very clear and simple. a big lost to Christ the King Community and a greatest Glory to the Almighty Kingdom.


    Glad to meet YOU in the World Unknown!

  4. Fr Nards imparted life wisdoms to all those whom he have taught..

    pinadali nya at inalis ang hirap ng philosophy course..

    ‘Tu magister maximus es!’

  5. Thank you, Fr. Nards… I am always amused how you by how you never forget to remember me and my name everytime I visit CKMS…

    May you rest in peace…

  6. my deepest condoles… it’s my first time here in your blog and read about this great guy… my prayers would be with him…

    my best friend is a seminarian too… although he stays at San Carlos Seminary in Manila…

    Godbless! and Godspeed!

  7. in behalf of the CKMS associates in philo batch 2008-2009, i would like to extend my condolences to the SVD family who mourns over the death of a great mentor and priest, fr. estioko. he is our professor in philosophical research. one thing i cannot forget about him is this famous adage he once quipped: “you say it best when you say nothing..”

    ron torres, OMI

  8. fr. nards, though he was very sick, taught us philosophy with passion and dedication. i am and will always be very proud of him.


    He was supposed to launch it on his birthday this year. However, he died before the printing process was completed.

    to the greatest SVD filipino philosophy teacher, we pay our greatest respect.

    We’ll miss you Fr. Nards!

  9. Your unbridled enthusiasm in your personal, spiritual and academic life will always be a contagious inspiration for us since the days in CKS and Tagaytay and beyond.Thank you for the stories, the good memories and levities that made our collective pursuits easier and more fun. The search is not easy to find a friend and mentor like you.

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