Fr. Josef Reismann, SVD (+1993) once hitched a ride in the old jeep of a fellow missionary. “Of all the brands of gasoline,” Fr. Reismann claimed, “this particular one (mentioning the brand) is the best.” Then he went on to describe in details its numerous chemical ingredients. As he did so, the driver of the jeep lost control and crashed into the mountain on the right, causing the jeep to turn to its side. Both of them held tight to their seats and thus emerged unscratched. Fr. Reismann, brushing the dust off his pants, said, “As I was telling you earlier, this brand of gasoline is really the best.” (Remembering Philippine SVD Missionaries who Have Gone Ahead, 89)


I welcome contributions! Anecdotes must be funny, true stories of SVD missionaries working in the Philippines or Pinoy SVD missionaries working in any part of the globe. Contributions may be forwarded to





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