Fr. Josef Reismann, SVD (+1993) is a person with an astonishing memory! He could discuss anything under the sun, for which he was called a “walking encyclopedia.” He would start off with a topic and inexhaustively relate the minutest details so much so that an impatient listener would get bored.
For instance, a fellow priest was reportedly talking to him after lunch in San Jose Parish. The discussion was about the mechanism of the outboard motor of his banca. The younger priest was getting restless and itching to take his siesta. To avoid showing disrespect, he stood up motioning to answer the call of nature. Fr. Reismann also stood up and, atill expounding about his outboard motor, followed him. When the younger priest was about to enter the comfort room, he turned to Fr. Reismann and and blurted out, “Father, please stay outside, I can do this all by myself.”
Having closed the door, he was much relieved to be free at last! But when he stepped out of the SR, guess, who was waiting for him? Fr. Reismann! And off, he continued relating about his out-board motor. (Remembering Philippine SVD Missionaries who Have Gone Ahead, 88)


I welcome contributions! Anecdotes must be funny, true stories of SVD missionaries working in the Philippines or Pinoy SVD missionaries working in any part of the globe. Contributions may be forwarded to





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