When Fr. Pedro Kranewitter (+1987) became the first officially appointed rector of the Sacred Heart Seminary at the end of the World War II, he brought to a military officer his difficulty of having a ride. He was given uniform by the military officer so he could fly on a military plane. In the line of men waiting to board, his suitcase sprung open and all his priestly paraphernalia were scattered.
Having arrived in Tacloban, he hitched a ride on a jeep to Palo to report to the bishop. When they passed a town, Fr, Pedro asked the driver which town they had just passed and mentioned that he wanted to stop at Palo (Palo, pronouncing a as in arm). Oh, the American driver said as he swung the jeep around, “You mean Palo, (pronouncing a as in pay). (Remembering Philippine SVD Missionaries who Have Gone Ahead, 55)


I welcome contributions! Anecdotes must be funny, true stories of SVD missionaries working in the Philippines or Pinoy SVD missionaries working in any part of the globe. Contributions may be forwarded to





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